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Otomi Art

Otomi Art

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The intricately hand-embroidered Otomi Art features two dusty blue birds amongst flowers on a solid white background. This design showcases the traditional embroidery method of the Otomi Tribe dating back hundreds of years. The border around the embroidered artwork is made from amate paper made from sustainably sourced, eco-friendly tree bark. We recommend a 10"x10" frame.

Every product has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Meet the Artisan

Maribel's Story of Hope "This is a job that has been passed down from generation to generation. At a young age, my parents and aunt taught me how to work with the amate paper. I enjoy the full process, but I love seeing a new design come to life. I still find it a miracle that we can dream something up and make it with our hands. It's a blessing God gave us this gift!"Preserving the ancient Artisan traditions of her ancestors, Maribel creates beautiful amate paper art from the bark of local trees that grow near her village in Mexico. Maribel lives in an area of extreme poverty where safe sustainable jobs with fair wages for women are scarce. The art she creates helps provide her with the income she needs to be financially independent.

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: 10" x 10"Materials: Cotton, Thread, Handcrafted paperColor: Blue-gray, Natural

The Impact of Your Purchase

Inspired by Artisan traditions passed down for generations, women in southern Mexico create handcrafted fair-trade jewelry, fashions, and home decor that reflect their ancient culture and create social change. They're providing safe jobs with fair wages to support local families through financial sustainability, authentic community, and lasting hope.Purchase this piece and empower an Artisan in Mexico!

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