We believe that creating fair trade jobs for women is the most effective way to alleviate poverty & human trafficking.

Today, millions of women around the world are in cycles of poverty due to a lack job opportunities. This forces mothers to give up their kids to orphanages and propels human trafficking. When you shop our ethically made accessories, you're creating more jobs for women to lead their families out of poverty and human trafficking.

Meet Some of our Artisan Partners:

Fair Wages for Women in India

“My parents married me off when I was 17. I was an agricultural laborer but rarely paid. I had never made jewelry, but I was trained and accepted in. Now, I’m confident and earn enough to send my children to school and provide them with healthcare.”

- Asha

Designs from India

Standing with Survivors of Sex Trafficking in East Asia

"I was taken out of school and trafficking into a brothel by a relative. I became depressed, unsure of how I would survive my new reality. One day, someone came to tell me I could make jewelry instead of selling my body. You've helped bring my self-worth back to life!"

- Fay

Designs from East Asia

Women No Longer Begging on the Streets of Uganda

"I want to be financially independent. it's something that has made me so free. I don't beg because I don't want to be a beggar. I want to get money out of the work I do. When I see my jewelry all over, I really feel like I'm a great woman of this nation, Uganda."

- Florence

Designs from Uganda

Opportunities for People Who are Disabled in Kenya

"It is not good for people who are disabled here. They are treated poorly. It is so hard. But I'm happy doing this work because I feel free. I finally feel like a person! I can even send my adopted daughter and orphaned niece to school!"

- Alice

Designs from Kenya

Mothers Providing for their Children in Haiti

“I was raised in one of the most dangerous areas in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I cannot imagine what life would be like without my work. I would have to depend on the help of others. I love when I hear there are new orders and that I’m able to come to work the next day! I have my own family and we’ve moved to a safe area since working at this workshop. Trades of Hope and this Artisan community have helped by providing jobs."

- Clivia

Designs from Haiti

Freedom for Surivors of Sex Trafficking in the DR

"My life has changed in a big way since becoming an artisan for Trades of Hope. New opportunities are always upon the horizon for my sister and me. I can make a good wage and study full-time. I also live in a rented apartment with my sister in the main city which is much safer than the community where I used to live."

– Rosaura

Designs from the Dominican Republic

Mothers Overcoming Poverty in Guatemala

“I built a workshop in my home where I could work and stay with our children. Other parents in our village needed to travel far to earn eanough to feed their families. So, now they work with us too. your purchase helps parents stay with their children in Guatemala."

– Clara

Designs from Guatemala

Survivors of Acid Attacks Finding Hope in Cambodia

“One day, someone threw acid on me. It dissolved both my skin and my life. It was like living in darkness with no future and no value. As an Artisan, I saw that my life encouraged other women. It’s not just business, it’s a matter of the heart."

– Ya

Designs from Cambodia

Gender Equality for Women in Nepal

"I grew up in a rural village where women still suffer from gender discrimination, child marriage, and the dowry system. I learned traditional Nepalese felt crafting to support myself and fulfill my dreams of becoming a social entrepreneur.”

– Ranjana (left)

Designs from Nepal

Opportunities for Immigrants in Peru

“If I wasn’t an Artisan, my economic status would be hard. I feel blessed! This order saved us! Trades of Hope was there in an important moment when our work decreased. I was working from home with some Inca Studs in my charge. Our job is not only about a piece of jewelry. It’s a part of our hearts!”

– Julia

Designs from Peru

Jobs for Mothers in Rural Areas of Mexico

"I’m so thankful and happy to be able to work with such a wonderful company like Trades of Hope, and I hope that the people who buy my creations love them! I hope they know that this work changes my life for the better, my son’s life, and my family’s lives. I thank God to have connected with you!”

- Erica

Designs from Mexico

Opportunity for Women in Rural Thailand

"I love doing something that gives me freedom and independence. I grew up in a small town where many had limited ideas of how a girl should act. Now, I'm the main purchaser of materials and make a difference! I love making a difference and being creative."

– Sa

Designs from Thailand

Moms Overcoming Poverty with Shells in the Philipines

“I'm an Artisan in the Philippines. My work, binding capiz shell for jewelry at home, is a big help to us. Now, I can buy school supplies and snacks, send money to my mother, and be with our children. Your purchase helps us save money. Thank you!"

– Retchel

Designs from the Philippines

Supporting Survivors of Trafficking & Abuse in the USA

"In our community, life is dark and downtrodden. This workshop is providing light, life, and opportunities for women in our community. Since becoming an Artisan, I feel alive again! I feel like I can give back while also providing for my family." 

– Angela

Designs from the USA

Financial Independence for Women in Jordan

“Working with the other women gives me a reason to get up in the morning. We’re a family, not colleagues. Since partnering with Trades of Hope, I’ve become stronger as a person and more confident. Your purchase helps me pay for my daughters’ university."

– Manal

Designs from Jordan

Fair, Safe Jobs for Women in Vietnam

"Without my work as an Artisan, life would be very difficult. My work brings me a good chance to have a stable salary and good working conditions. I can do what I love! I can save more money. I dream of a happy life. I dream that our children will graduate from university and have a good life."

– Thi Hien

Designs from Vietnam

New Arrivals from Our Artisan Partners: