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Stories of Hope in Peru – Trades of Hope

by | Artisans, Stories of Hope

Estefany, Mia Hoops Artisan in Peru

Empowering Women in Rural Areas of Extreme Poverty

Discover stories of hope in Peru – Trades of Hope is partnering to empower women in rural areas of extreme poverty. (Read Time 4 min.)

This Artisan community in Peru is committed to their mission of keeping the unique jewelry-making techniques and Artisan skills of their Peruvian ancestors alive while helping families rise out of poverty. They offer job skills training and income opportunities to vulnerable women in areas of extreme poverty.

Fair Trade Jewelry & Decor

Job Skills Training and Dignified Income for Women in Remote Villages

These Artisans are committed to building and supporting Artisan training centers in remote areas of the jungle where families have few opportunities to earn a living wage.

Lauren Chandelier Earrings from Peru

Photo: Artisans are Trained to Handcraft Lauren Chandelier Earrings from Peru

At these training centers, they pass down their skills and traditions to the next generation to help provide them with the skills they need to earn dignified sustainable income and help them become financially independent.

Estefany’s Story of Hope

“I’m studying business management to start my own business. I was studying at an institute and my family helped me with my expenses. But most Peruvian families suffered during the pandemic.

I needed to get a job. It was difficult for me, because during the first months, none of my parents were working. So, I was the only person who could bear all the expenses. My studies were stopped.

But now I’m able to work and study at the same time. I think working with Trades of Hope is helping my family because I feel we are economically stable.” – Estefany

Estefany makes Jasper Convertible Hoops in Peru

“Without my work, I wouldn’t have resumed my studies in the institute. Now I’m studying again, that makes me feel complete, because my job and studies are the gate to achieve my dreams.”

– Estefany, Jewelry Artisan in Peru

Madelyne’s Story of Hope

Madelyne, Artisan in Peru

“My life is jewelry. My curiosity and feminine taste helped me to be a great support to Fermin, who is now my husband.

We have two children and were able to pay for university for our son, Franco.

Now he’s happy to help us in our business. We hope it can continue and we don’t let Peruvian jewelry disappear.

Trades of Hope helps us a lot. We have found in them an ally that we know is always counting on us.” – Madelyne

“Our community has benefited, especially in a critical moment, such as the pandemic. That led us to include new people on our team like Estefany and Diego, who are young people determined to learn the art. Thanks to all of you!”

– Madelyne, Artisan in Peru

Julia’s Story of Hope

“I became a mother at an early age and had many needs. So, I got my first job as Artisan’s assistant. My husband was my first mentor. I gained my skills and competitiveness from him. One of my dreams is to have my own workshop.

If I wasn’t an Artisan, my economic status through the pandemic would be hard. I feel blessed! This order saved us! Trades of Hope was there in an important moment when our work decreased.

The pandemic was difficult for many families. Mine was not an exception. My daughter and son were unemployed.” – Julia

Julie, Artisan in Peru

“I was working from home with some Inca Studs in my charge. This order helped so much because I continued working in my house! Our job is not only about a piece of jewelry. It’s a part of our hearts!”

– Julia, Jewelry Artisan in Peru

Virginia’s Story of Hope

Virginia, Artisan in Peru

“Before working as an Artisan, I wasn’t able to pay for private schools for my children.

In Peru, public schools don’t ensure quality education. My eldest son is applying to a public university while he studies at a math academy, and my little daughter is still studying in elementary school. Their dad and I pay for both studies.

Due to the pandemic, employment in our country is low. Many people have lost their jobs. We are so grateful for Trades of hope!” – Virginia

“Thanks to continuing orders, I can cover our main expenses and continue saving money to achieve my dreams. I would like to have my own house and my own business here or maybe in the town I come from.”

– Virginia, Jewelry Artisan in Peru

Ana’s Story of Hope

“Before I became an Artisan, I worked in many different jobs. 

Last year was a critical year, because my family’s situation was really bad. 

I lost my job before the pandemic, and I had to work with my brother in his small restaurant. Unfortunately, his restaurant had to close too.

I was offered the opportunity to work with this Artisan community and I accepted. 

Without my work, my life would be a mess for sure.” – Ana

“All of the people who buy our products, even if they buy a small piece, are a huge help to us! I can save money to achieve it in the future. I dream of giving my daughters the education I wasn’t given. My work is definitely helping me achieve my dream!” 

– Ana, Artisan in Peru

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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communications Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan advocacy.