Our biggest Summer SALE yet! Save on over 80 designs including 4 NEW exclusive releases! Shop now while supplies last!

Our biggest Summer SALE yet! Save on over 80 designs including 4 NEW exclusive releases! Shop now while supplies last!

Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

Want to receive your fair trade faves for free AND stand with survivors of human trafficking?

You can as an advocate!

It’s as Easy as Sending Your Friends a Text Message

Most Spend Only 15 Minutes Sharing Their Advocate Event With Others.

Enjoy The Rewards and The Partner Does All The Work!

Earn Advocate Rewards


Create jobs for women globally. Stand with Survivors.
Get Your faves for free.

Sharing your Advocate link is fun and simple. What this means for you is that YOU can receive free Trades of Hope styles AND create more job opportunities for women globally. And the real value is that you will sponsor survivors of human trafficking in the U.S. on their recovery journey.

If Your Friends Shop… You’ll Receive Trades of Hope Shopping Credit! And This # of
50% off
AND You’ll Sponsor a Survivor of Human Trafficking Through Elevate Academy: Enjoy FREE SHIPPING
On Your Order:
$1,500 $200 4 5 Days
$1,250 $150 4 4 Days
$1,000 $110 3 3 Days
$750 $80 3 2 Days
$500 $55 2 1 Day  
$300 $30 2    
$150   1    

Earn MORE Coupons!

Have a friend that wants to advocate too? You’ll receive a $10 coupon to use on a future order. (Your Advocate event must total $150+ with 3+ unique orders. You can earn up to 3 coupons.)

Your Advocate Event Will Create More Safe, Fair Jobs for Women like Clivia, in Haiti

“I come from one of the most dangerous areas. I cannot imagine what life would be like without my work. I would have to depend on the help of others. I love when I hear there are new orders and that I’m able to come to work the next day! Trades of Hope and this Artisan community have helped by providing jobs. I have my own family now, and we’ve moved to a safe area since I started working at this workshop. Now, I’m an independent woman and I’m able to help my mother. My dream is to have enough money to be able to build my own home!”

Clivia, Upcycled Cereal Box Bead Jewelry Artisan in Haiti

Who We (You) Are Partnering With:

We’re honored to partner with Elevate Academy. Developed by trafficking survivor, author, and international speaker, Rebecca Bender, Elevate Academy is the largest online school in the world providing education, career and trauma counseling, mentoring, and peer support for survivors of human traffickingElevate Academy is one of the first programs of its kind for trafficking survivors in every state in the U.S.

Ready for Rewards & Impact?

Submit the info below and we’ll connect you with a Partner to set up your Advocate event!

Advocate Experiences:

"It’s easy, with everything going on in the world, to feel like I can’t do anything. Supporting Trades of Hope reminds me my actions can make a difference. When I show up at work wearing a piece, I know there’s a woman somewhere in the world doing the same thing because of my purchase, and that feels right."

- Cori B.

"After hosting my first ToH party, I had brand new jewelery to wear every day for at least a week! And the bonus was when I would get compliments on it, I could tell people about the women all around the world that had made my beautiful accessories!"

- Melanie R.

"I love hearing the stories behind the products at the parties. The passion and purpose behind Trades of Hope resonates with people and it makes them feel good about their purchases knowing they are helping others in the process."

- Demetra A.

"I love TOH because they are making the world a better place by doing good for women/families in so many different countries including U.S. I love hosting (it's my first time!) because it's a win-win for everyone and my favorite thing about having a party is the opportunity to give back. ❤️"

- Sandra

"I love giving my friends the opportunity to do something that is bigger than ourselves"

- Laura

"Hosting for Trades of Hope is an opportunity to make others aware of the plight of women and families around the world and how we can all support and show we care when we purchase their products. It also is a great way for a small group to get to interact and to get to know each other!"

- Connie

"I love hosting because I feel like I can make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world. I love that TOH pays their artisans BEFORE any item is even sold. Plus artisans earn more than bare minimum and can enjoy life beyond work. And my favorite part of a party is sharing TOH with friends and family to spread the word on their mission."

- Hannah S.


How do I start setting up my Advocate link?

If you already know a Trades of Hope Partner, you can reach out to her and let her know you’d like to share an Advocate link! If you’d like us to connect you with a Partner, CLICK HERE.

Does the Advocate event need to be at my home?

Nope! You can invite your friends to any kind of Advocate event you’d enjoy most. It’s completely up to you!

Many Advocate links are actually shared virtually:

  • in a Messenger thread
  • in Instagram Direct Messages
  • in a group text

If you and your friends would have fun gathering in-person:

  • in your home
  • in a local cafe or restaurant
  • in the office
  • for a birthday party or girls’ night celebration

How much time will having an Advocate event take me?

All you have to do is share your Advocate link! Your Partner can help you set up an Advocate event that’s perfect for you, no matter how much time you may have. 

How will my friends receive what they shop?

All Trades of Hope orders are shipped directly to your guests within a few business days.

How many people should I share my Advocate link with?

There is no right or wrong number! The more friends you invite and the more they shop, the more FREE Trades of Hope styles and days you will sponsor a survivor through Elevate Academy. (Pro-tip: Over-invite! Not everyone will be able to make it, so invite more than you expect to attend!)

Can I invite out-of-town friends?

Absolutely! Your Partner will provide you with an online link that you can share easily by text or email! All orders placed through that link will be credited to your Advocate event, whether they actually attend or not!

What other tips can you offer me?

  • Make a list and start inviting! *over inviting is key!
  • Take a Lookbook to work, the gym, or play group! Collect outside orders from those who can’t come to the actual event.
  • Send reminder texts to your invite list a week before and another one a day or two before the event!

Still have questions about having an Advocate event?

Call Us

(386) 263-8776

Text Us

(386) 263-8776

Love Rewards & Love giving back? Enjoy both!

Have a $500+ Advocate event and use your Rewards towards a coupon so you can become a Trades of Hope Partner for FREE as soon as your event is over!