Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

We exist to help mothers keep their children, protect them & provide for a better future.

We’re committed to help …

keep families together
fight human trafficking

In every country around the world, families are being destroyed & human trafficking is on the rise in areas that share one common factor.

Join us in the fight against poverty & human trafficking.

We’re fighting poverty & human trafficking by doing good.

We value people.

We believe the value of our products lives in the names, faces, & stories of the Artisans who create them, & we invest in the human value of our products by abiding by fair trade principles.

We value relationships.

We invest in Artisans, their families, & communities through givebacks that build relationships through healing & hope.

We value culture.

We encourage Artisans to preserve & celebrate positive expressions of their country’s culture through the products they create.

We value equality.

We empower women to overcome poverty, discrimination, & exploitation, & we treat all Artisans with dignity, as equal business partners.

We value quality.

We challenge Artisans to take pride in their work & continually pursue artistic, professional, & personal growth.

We’re fighting poverty & human trafficking where they live.

We’re fighting poverty & human trafficking by empowering women & families.

Job Creation in Areas of Extreme Poverty

This is the single most powerful way we help keep families together & fight human trafficking, because we believe no mother should have to give up her children or sell her body to save them from starvation.

Cooperative Mission

Statistically, a woman rising out of poverty will bring four more people with her. We help empower families & communities out of poverty by empowering women & approximately 20% of our Artisan partners who are men – fathers, brothers, uncles, & sons – working together to provide brighter futures for their families & communities.

Safe Workspaces

In areas of extreme poverty, where vulnerable women are often exploited in sweatshops, our Artisan partners work reasonable hours in safe workspaces, & many choose to work from home.

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Fair Wages

Artisans determine the price of their products based on what they need to provide for their families’ needs, offer their children brighter futures, build sustainable businesses, & invest in giving back to their local communities. We pay Artisans 100% upfront.

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We intentionally pursue business partners in areas that consistently lack opportunities for dignified jobs, & we help promote career advancement for Artisans through givebacks that fund educational opportunities.

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We promote education, counseling, self-care, job skills training, healthcare, & self-improvement for our Artisan partners, their families, & communities.

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Hear directly from our Artisans…

“I love having the opportunity to improve and learn new things every day. I’ve gained a new confidence in myself. I’m able to do things now that I never thought I could do. It’s the first time in my life when I feel like I can tell people what my job is.”

Bay, Artisan in North Asia

“I was married off at a very young age to a man from another village who deserted me with three children. I’m happy that I’ve become independent, all three of my children can go to school, and I can help support other female Artisans in my village.”

Mosmeen, Artisan in India

We tend to define who we are because of our profession, but it goes beyond that. We are simply tools for change, and as long you have a willing heart, HE will take care of the rest. We have reached over 6,000 patients and we are going for more.

Pablo, Coffee director in Guatemala

My parents taught me the value of a good education. My work is helping her get the best education possible. She is my inspiration and motivation.

Shiba, Artisan in India

I learned how to become an Artisan by spending time with other women. My work is helping me earn money and achieve my goals. Without my work, I would have to live with my parents and would not have any money or the opportunity to learn English. I'm more independent and creative. I can take care of myself.

Rosaura, Artisan in Guatemala

I used to live in a crowded house in a slum with poor drainage. Now I have a stable source of income through working with Trades of Hope. I've been able to buy land, do large scale agriculture, and build a house.

Florence, Artisan in Uganda

Without my work as an Artisan, I don’t know if we would be able to send both children to good schools or if we would have the home and life we have today. Today, I can take better care of my family and I can send my children to good schools because I have a good job, and I'm getting paid a good wage.

Rekha, Artisan in India

Before this, I always worked at home taking care of my kids and farming land.  My entire family has always been and still are farmers except for me. Now I’m a professional weaver.  That makes me happy. 

Filomena, Artisan in Guatemala

I feel like I’ve changed so much. I was very immature. Now I’m a mature and patient person. Everything has been significant. The counseling has been the most significant since it’s helped me in so many areas. The biggest change is the change in my attitude. I’m now able to control my emotions and be a better mother.

Bai, Artisan in North Asia

I’m thankful for my work, my 2-room housing with an inside toilet, my wheelchair, and my promotion that increased my salary. I very much enjoy working with many, many, many friends who are my family.

Syprine, Artisan in Kenya

When I became an Artisan, I felt like it was a new beginning. As a single mom, life was really hard. I’d be hopeless. I had to pay rent, feed my kid, and send her to school while I had nothing. Everything I couldn't do, I’m able to do now.

Ruth, Artisan in Haiti

We’re fighting poverty & human trafficking through fashion as a force for good.

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