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Loyalty Necklace

Loyalty Necklace

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This set of two delicate silver-toned necklaces feature faceted aqua chalcedony beads layered with a hammered metal bar. These adjustable necklaces can be worn separately or together.

Every product has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Meet the Artisan

Madhvi's Story of Hope Before I became an Artisan, life was very hard, socially and economically. I was living in a very poor family. It was very hard for my father. That's why I decided to start working. My friend was doing some beadwork, so she guided me to this work. Then I moved to quality checking and sizing of the products. I like my work! Now, it's good to help my father and family. I have personally and professionally grown up. It's like a good dream to help family. My dreams are big to start my independent work! I'm trying hard to achieve that dream. I've purchased a two-wheel vehicle. In the future, I dream of my own home!

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: 16" - 18", 18" - 20" Materials: Plated brass, Chalcedony Color: Silver, Aqua

The Impact of Your Purchase

In India, poverty often leads to exploitation of vulnerable women in sweatshops. Every purchase provides these Artisans with fair wages, access to healthcare, education for their children, and care for elderly family members. Purchase this necklace and empower an Artisan in India!

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