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Adina Necklace

Adina Necklace

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The gorgeous, hand-beaded Adina Necklace is a fair-trade showstopper! This necklace is perfect to wear alone or style with other necklaces for a layered look! Created by women rising out of poverty, each necklace features up-cycled bone beads dyed in shades of gold, green, blue, tan, and cream with a slip-knot, drawstring closure. Every purchase creates jobs for women in areas of extreme poverty and fights child marriage. 

Every necklace has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Meet the Artisan

"I used to live in an urban slum, where I lived with several family members. My father had a job where he could earn enough to take care of our large family. Due to ill health, my father had to leave his work and move where we live now. When we moved I had to leave my studies, I attended school only until 8th standard. I had heard a lot about the jewelry workshop and Moon. I had heard about her activities and I longed to be her co-worker. I admired the way she was leading her life and I wanted to follow into her footsteps. Starting to work at this workshop was a turning point in my life. Now I was earning my own money. Today, I have more confidence. I became more aware about the fact that we can change our life for the betterment. I also believe that every woman has the capacity to work at par with man. Through the various programs they offer, I believe that my future is secure. The good aspect is that I get paid fair wages. Many of my friends working in other places earn far less than me. They are still the victim of exploitation. Working here, I have became more aware about the difference between the right and wrong. I participate in women's meetings. Life is more meaningful now than before. At home life was naive as we only ate and slept. At work, I was trained to become an artisan as it was my wish. I enjoy making jewelry."

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: Adjustable, 17 - 27" Materials: Upcycled bone beads, plated brass, waxed cotton cord Color: Blue, Green, Gold, Tan, Cream

The Impact of Your Purchase

India is home to one-fourth of the world's poorest people. Vulnerable women are often exploited by sweatshops. Your purchase provides them with safe jobs, fair wages, health care, literacy programs, self-help groups, and more! Purchase this necklace and empower a woman in India!

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