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Wooden Halo Pedestal

Wooden Halo Pedestal

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Display this ethically made Wooden Halo Pedestal to upscale your home design! Create a beautiful display that showcases the craftsmanship of our Artisan Partners in India that hand carve the Wooden Halo Pedestal! Carved from fast-growing mango wood, a sustainable byproduct of India’s mango fruit industry, this is a stunning piece with an impact. Every purchase of the Wooden Halo Pedestal supports families in areas of extreme poverty in India, empowering them to end poverty cycles for their families, send their kids to school, and earn fair wages for their work.

Every pedestal has variations as part of the Artisan-made charm!

Meet the Artisan

Vandana’s Story of Hope When she was a little girl, Vandana began cleaning 3 houses a day to support her family facing extreme poverty in India. Even as a child, she wondered when this life with no dignity would be over. But everything changed when she married an Artisan and started going to work with him. She learned the craft of woodworking and could stop working in other people’s homes. Now, with a living wage, she can provide for her two sons and can provide food for her family. She enjoys cooking and says, "Why waste money when I can cook better than the restaurants?" Your order creates opportunities for women like Vandana to leave lives of oppression and provide for their families.

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: 7”D, 1” Legs Materials: Mango wood Color: Natural tan

The Impact of Your Purchase

The women we partner with in India do so much more than just create beautiful products. With every purchase, another woman is empowered out of poverty to be self-reliant! Women have the opportunity to earn an income, attend financial management classes, and receive education and health care. These women are now able to give their family a promising future because of your purchase! Purchase this pedestal and empower a woman in India!

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