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Posies Tea Towel Set

Posies Tea Towel Set

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Handcrafted using one of India’s most beautiful and inspiring ancient artisanal techniques, the Posies Tea Towel Set is sure to beautify your kitchen with its handmade touch. Blending ancient Artisan traditions with modern function, women handcraft the beautiful block-printed design featured on the tea towels. Each tea towel has been hand-stamped and has a pink and sage green posy-inspired design. A convenient loop is added to a corner of each towel for convenient hanging.

Every tea towel has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Meet the Artisan

Anjana’s Story of Hope "I've worked with this artisan community for the past two years and it has provided us the opportunity to send both of our kids to school without worrying about the financials of it. My husband is a trained stitching man and I have learned my craft from him. My husband has worked with this artisan group for 4 years. Our family was in need and this artisan community provided me with this opportunity without any hesitation even when I didn't know stitching properly. Working and growing with this artisan group I feel that my dreams of sending my kids to further their education can be fulfilled."

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: Set of 2, 30 1/2"H x 20 1/2"W Materials: Cotton Color: Pink, White, Green Care Instructions: Wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

The Impact of Your Purchase

India is home to one-fourth of the world's poorest people. Vulnerable women are often exploited by sweatshops. Your purchase provides them with safe jobs, fair wages, healthcare, literacy programs, self-help groups, and more! Purchase this tea towel set and empower a woman in India!

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