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Block Print Pillow Cover

Block Print Pillow Cover

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Named after one of India’s most beautiful and inspiring ancient artisanal techniques, the Block Print Pillow Cover is block printed by hand with a stunning floral design in hues of blue, gray, and white. Blending ancient Artisan traditions with modern function, women handcraft this beautiful block-printed design featured on the front, a solid white back, and a convenient zippered closure. Pillow insert not included. The Block Print Pillow Cover is designed to fit a 20” pillow insert for a fuller look.

Every pillow cover has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Care Instructions: Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

Meet the Artisan

Akash and Rabia's Story of Hope "Our belief is, as designers, we can only imagine ideas. The true heroes are the Artisans who convert our thoughts into reality. They make it happen. The crux of the matter is they are equal partners in our journey. And that's how we treat them as well." - Akash & RabiaAfter attending design school together, Akash and Rabia quickly became inseparable, sharing the same values and passion for creating a safe work environment for women, began to design a workshop that preserved and honored both Artisan traditions and Artisans, and got married in December of 2019. The powerful couple determined to counter the sweatshop culture that often takes advantage of Artisans in India, Akash and Rabia took great care to offer protections, benefits, and opportunities that would empower their Artisans to provide their families with a dignified standard of living.Together they created a clean, well-lit workshop near the Artisans' homes and families. They offered specialized training and committed to pay each Artisan a living wage - above and beyond their required minimum wage. They offered interest-free home loans and even offered to sponsor a child's education from the Artisan community every school year. They offered opportunities for Artisans to speak up whenever they had concerns or ideas. Above all, they offered their Artisans dignity, respect, and hope.

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: 18"H x 18"WMaterials: CottonColor: Blue, Gray, White

The Impact of Your Purchase

India is home to one-fourth of the world's poorest people. Vulnerable women are often exploited by sweatshops. Your purchase provides them with safe jobs, fair wages, healthcare, literacy programs, self-help groups, and more!Purchase this pillow cover and empower a woman in India!

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