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How Fresh is Your Coffee?

by | Artisans

We’re Don Pablo and Sara! We partner with Trades of Hope to create 100% premium Guatemalan coffee and ship it fresh from the plantation in Guatemala to your door.

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Natalia Already Loves Coffee
Natalia Blend Coffee with Rise & Shine Coffee Scoop

The Story Behind Natalia Blend Coffee


When we got the first Natalia Blend Coffee orders, we were very excited! For Sara, it’s such a blessing to know our daughter, Natalia, is already in the coffee world!

We named this special blend of coffee Natalia Blend for a very special reason – when our daughter was born and needed special medical care. During our stay at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with Natalia, we witnessed very difficult stories with other families and babies.

As a family in Guatemala, we were blessed to have medical insurance and private hospital attention. But other families during our visit didn’t have the same story.

Our hearts broke several nights as we saw babies and families entering the hospital due to an emergency and leaving the next morning because they could not afford the hospital.

There was a dad who even tried to get a bank loan, but he wasn’t able to get it, so they left to a public hospital where conditions are not the same.

In fact, you can get even sicker.

“Because of that experience, Sara and I decided to create a fund through this Natalia Blend Coffee to help babies in Guatemala receive the care they need in I.C.U.” 

– Don Pablo & Sara, Founders of Natalia Blend Coffee

The Freshness of Natalia Blend Coffee

So… how fresh is your cup of coffee?

Trades of Hope Natalia Blend Coffee is Ethically Sourced from Guatemala

Imagine walking through a beautiful plantation, full of coffee and shade trees… all surrounded by three volcanoes, Volcán de Agua, de Fuego, and Acatenango Volcano. These majestic volcanoes add so many minerals to the soil that enrich every cup of coffee you enjoy!

Sometimes I feel the volcanoes welcome the handpicking crews to an exciting process that’s so close to being a caffeinated fiesta full of joy and hope! Yes, joy and hope for every family and worker! That is what it means to be able to handpick coffee.

Every cherry is an opportunity to have food on their table, send their children to school, or simply have enough to enjoy an ice cream with their entire family.

(Photo: Red coffee berries are called “cherries.)”

Did you know, as an industry, our shade trees produce over 80,000 tons of oxygen in the Americas?

So How Fresh is Your Coffee Going to Be?

Imagine you just clicked the ORDER BUTTON.

That’s when engines start getting ready!

So… in a very faraway land called Antigua Guatemala where we are at full harvest, every week we are handpicking red cherry coffee to prepare your Natalia Blend Coffee.

Those cherries are the ones that are going to make the magic take place in your cup.

Once we’ve picked the best berries from all three altitudes – between 5,100 to 6,800 feet above sea level in the Antigua, Huehuetenango, and Coban coffee regions – we process the coffee in the wet mill and that’s when your coffee is washed and sun-dried to get the best green beans in order to roast them.

The Entire Process is a Dance.

You don’t rush it, as you would never rush a great dance. This process takes about six to eight days. We do this process every day, so we always have coffee ready to be roasted.

Once the coffee is sundried and clean – every husk has been removed – then we continue with the roasting process. This process takes two days – one for the actual roasting and one to cool down the roasted beans and then pack them. It’s very important to cool down the coffee, as you can damage the taste if it’s hot in the actual bag. Once packed, it’s ready to be shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

Cupping Sessions Ensure Your Coffee is Amazingly Superb!

Parallel to this process, we always have coffee cupping sessions to test and ensure every roasted coffee lot is AMAZINGLY SUPERB! I just love this phrase!

Anything else is not good enough for us! So, every week is a great tango! We make sure we pick the best coffee cherries to prepare your Natalia Blend Coffee. We’re in the business of making people HAPPY! Don’t you agree?

(Photo: Trades of Hope Founder, Gretchen & Partners at Don Pablo & Sara’s coffee farm in Guatemala.)

Truly yours,

Sara, Natalia, & Don Pablo


Watch the video below to discover more about how you can make a difference in the fight against poverty in Guatemala.


Natalia Blend Irish Coffee Recipe Card - Free Download
Natalia Blend Coffee with Rise & Shine Coffee Scoop

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100% Premium Guatemalan Coffee Shipped Fresh from the Farm in Guatemala - Trades of Hope
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  1. Tara

    Hearing from Pablo is always so inspiring. His passion is contagious and ignites in me even more a huge desire to embrace action & create change.

  2. Gail

    Drinking a cup right now love it thank you so much this is the best coffee I have ever had and I have had lots of coffee I am kind of a coffee snob 😜

  3. Stephanie

    This trip was such an amazing experience for me! Pablo and his wife gave huge hearts for helping their fellow Guatemalans! This is such a great cup of coffee, but knowing the impact it makes in human lives makes it even better! A cup of Hope!

  4. Brenda

    I bought the trail size of the coffee because our friend Juan was working three jobs 6 days a week. He was so excited that the coffee was from Guatemala his homeland.


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Trades of Hope - Guest Blogger