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Don Pablo & Sara’s Story of Hope in Guatemala

by | Artisans, Stories of Hope

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Unexpected Inspiration

Her Medical Emergency

When we got the first Natalia Blend Coffee orders, we were very excited! For Sara, it’s such a blessing to know our daughter, Natalia, is already in the coffee world!

We named this special blend of coffee Natalia Blend for a very special reason – when our daughter was born and needed special medical care. During our stay at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with Natalia, we witnessed very difficult stories with other families and babies.

Don Pablo and Sara in Guatemala 2022
Don Pablo, Sara, and Natalia 2022 in Guatemala 1

They Needed Hope

Families in Crisis

As a family in Guatemala, we were blessed to have medical insurance and private hospital attention. But other families during our visit didn’t have the same story. Our hearts broke several nights as we saw babies and families entering the hospital due to an emergency and leaving the next morning because they could not afford the hospital.


There was a dad who even tried to get a bank loan, but he wasn’t able to get it, so they left to a public hospital where conditions are not the same. In fact, you can get even sicker.

Spreading Hope

Children’s Emergency Medical Care Fund

Natalia Already Loves Coffee

“Because of that experience, Sara and I decided to create a fund through this Natalia Blend Coffee to help babies in Guatemala receive the care they need in ICU.”

– Don Pablo and Sara, Coffee Farm Founders and Artisan Leaders in Guatemala

Serving Hope

100% Premium Guatemalan Coffee

Watch the video below to discover more about how you can make a difference in the fight against poverty in Guatemala.

Ethically grown, harvested, roasted & shipped fresh from the coffee farm in Guatemala, every cup provides families with safe jobs, fair wages, education, and healthcare. Every sip has human value and changes lives.

Never want to run out of coffee again?

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