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COVID-19 Relief Efforts Continue in Guatemala Thanks to Coffee!

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Missions in Guatemala Funded by Coffee

We recently received another inspiring email from our coffee Artisan leaders in Guatemala, Don Pablo and Sara. They shared how, although they continue to provide emergency funds for children and babies in hospital intensive care units through the sales of their Natalia Blend Coffee, they have been unable to provide their usual community outreach medical clinics, due to COVID-19 government restrictions in Guatemala. But COVID-19 relief efforts continue in Guatemala thanks to coffee, as they provide emergency food supplies.

These amazing Artisans continue to reach out to local families, as their community outreach programs are funded by the sales of their Natalia Blend Coffee in the U.S., available exclusively through Trades of Hope. We were so moved by Don Pablo and Sara’s mission to help families in Guatemala rise out of poverty, we wanted to share their latest updates with you. (Read Time: 2 min.)

COVID-19 Relief Updates from Pablo & Sara in August 2021

Hola from Guatemala!

We hope you’re doing well. Here are some new and exciting updates about how we’re helping others through Natalia Blend Coffee. Times have changed and we’re all trying to adjust to them.

In the past two months, Guatemala has been hit by COVID-19, and more than ever, we’re trying to make sure we can support our fellow communities, one way or another.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, we decided to continue supporting specific communities… but HOW… if we can’t have medical clinics?

PHOTO: Don Pablo and Sara with their baby, Natalia, who inspired them to fund children’s medical missions in Guatemala through every purchase of Natalia Blend Coffee.

COVID-19 Relief Shifts from Medical Clinics to Emergency Food Supplies

After months of preparation as a team, we’re helping support and fund the food program for families and children.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts Continue in Guatemala Thanks to Coffee! Many families in the mountainous coffee regions of Guatemala walk long distances to receive emergency food supplies funded in part by Natalia Blend Coffee sales in the U.S.A.

It’s been a year already, since we started as a team effort with other organizations. We’ve been able to support and supply over 18,000 pounds of food to local families. There is a nutritional strategy as well for the food we are supply, to make sure every family is getting the correct nutrients.

It’s such a well-organized program that we continue with all our bio-safety measures with every family, when picking up their food, keeping their distance, wearing a mask and continuing to use their alcohol gel.

People are just amazing! They understand that together we can beat COVID-19, and that’s how we’re able to support them.

COVID-19 relief efforts continue in Guatemala thanks to coffee!

As a country, we are struggling. One way or another we’re continuing supporting the less fortunate through the Natalia Blend. So thank you very much for your help and support.

“Sharing a couple of powerful pictures when distributing the food… You will see a little girl, Andrea, holding a cereal box. It was her first time having cereal, as her family can’t afford it. We were told she slept with the cereal box. That’s how excited she was!” – Don Pablo & Sara

Natalia Blend Coffee is Impacting Families

Our plan for the next six months is to increase our efforts to reach more families and communities. Know for sure, every time you enjoy your Natalia Blend Coffee, you’re making a huge difference to someone in Guatemala.


Don Pablo, Sara, and Natalia

Discover Don Pablo’s heart for empowering families in Guatemala!

Watch the video below to discover more about how you can make a difference in the fight against poverty in Guatemala.

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    So thankful for what is being done for the people of Guatemala.


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