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Coffee for the Win!

by | Artisans

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A Challenging Year for Community Outreach Programs in Guatemala

As we look back over this past year, we saw many unique challenges bring out the worst in some people. But we also saw this year shine the spotlight on people who are doing good – not just because of recent current events – but because they do good every day! Many of their everyday acts of kindness were overlooked in the busyness of keeping up with constantly changing current events and adjusting to overcome each new challenge.

But… just as light shines brightest in the darkness…

…the everyday acts of the faith, hope, and love from our Artisan partners in Guatemala… in spite of new challenges… did not go unnoticed.


This past summer, when government shutdowns temporarily prevented our Artisan partners who make our Natalia Blend Coffee from operating their regular medical mission clinics for local families, they created new ways to let their light shine in Guatemala.

Although they still continued to donate a portion of their profits to fund children’s medical needs in local hospitals, their in-person public health clinics were not an option due to quarantine restrictions in Guatemala.

This was their heartwarming response in early August 2020.

Photo of coffee Artisan leaders, Pablo and Sara with their baby, Natalia, who inspired them to fund children's medical missions for babies in I.C.U. in Guatemala through the sales of Natalia Blend Coffee in the U.S.A.

“Our community outreach medical clinic program has been our most active program – helping over 6,000 people – medically speaking. At the same time, we’re making sure we can follow up, focusing in high blood pressure and diabetic patients and their education to deal with their condition and have a healthy life through their diet and exercise.

These days, our community outreach medical clinic program is in pause, as COVID-19 has changed our plans. We are at full quarantine regarding any medical clinics.

Now that hasn’t made us stop! We joined efforts with another organization and we’re donating 15% of our profits to provide basic food to make sure every household has enough in their pantry – all the way from milk to cereal, rice, beans, fruits and vegetables. Since we joined efforts, we’ve been able to help provide over 16,000 pounds of food to 3 communities.

…Sharing a couple of powerful pictures when distributing the food… you will see a little girl, Andrea, holding a cereal box. It was her first time having cereal, as her family can’t afford it.

“We were told she slept with the cereal box… that’s how excited she was!” – Don Pablo

So, every month since May, as a team, we go back to make sure we can help these amazing people. Through this program, we’ve been able to help over 800 moms and their familias.”

– Don Pablo & Sara, Coffee Artisan Leaders in Guatemala

Thank You!

We’d like to give a shout out to Don Pablo and Sara… and of course, beautiful Natalia!

Thank you for making this past year worth remembering when coffee didn’t just taste good… it DID good.

Thank you for remembering when pouring coffee in our cups was a powerful way to pour hope into people’s lives, and when a simple act of kindness… like giving an ordinary box of cereal… gives a little girl in Guatemala HOPE!

How Can You & I Help?

Don Pablo and Sara help provide safe jobs with fair wages for local women and men in areas of extreme poverty in Guatemala. Subscribing to our monthly coffee program is a sustainable – and delicious! – way to provide dependable consistent support for the medical missions and community outreach programs Don Pablo and Sara help provide.

You can choose whole bean or ground… AND you can choose how often you want to receive your coffee subscription… AND get your 100% premium Guatemalan coffee shipped fresh from the plantation in Guatemala to your door! Then you can enjoy every sip, knowing every drop you pour into your cup was ethically grown, harvested, roasted, and shipped for the purpose of pouring HOPE into families in Guatemala!

As an alternative to charity, coffee subscriptions empower women and men living in the coffee growing regions of Guatemala by creating opportunities for them to earn a dignified income and be the heros of their own stories, as they lead their families out of poverty.

Watch the video below to discover more about how you can make a difference in the fight against poverty in Guatemala.

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Trades of Hope - Guest Blogger

Trades of Hope - Guest Blogger