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Discover Stories of Hope in Bangladesh! In Bangladesh, gender discrimination, along with a lack of education, job skills, and job opportunities for women often leads to the exploitation of vulnerable women in areas of extreme poverty. Through your purchase, you’re partnering to help provide women in rural villages with job training, safe working conditions, fair wages, healthcare, and education for their children. (Read Time: 4 min.)

Empowering Women Out of Extreme Poverty & Sex Trafficking

Traditional Woven Home Décor – Skills Training and Dignified Jobs for Women

Jui’s Story of Hope in Bangladesh

Growing up, none of Jui’s brothers or sisters went to school.

But Jui was different and wanted to study to become a teacher.

Her school was four miles away from her house, so she had to take a train to go to school.

On an unfortunate day in 2012, while she was traveling on the train, a group of police inspectors arrested her because she was sitting near some sex-workers.

She had no way of contacting her parents, as the local police didn’t let her use a phone.
She stayed in jail with the sex-workers for two long months.

After getting out of jail, she went back to her family, but they didn’t want to accept her back into the family.

Helpless and devastated, she went back to the house of one of the sex-workers with whom she had shared the same cell in the jail.

After that, she got involved in sex work to earn her living.

“I still think of that day on the train. My life could have been different.” – Jui, Artisan in Bangladesh

Jui got married once but her husband was one of her customers, and he only stayed with her for two years.

She had two children with him – a boy and a girl. Both of them go to school now.

Before joining this Artisan community, people in her local community used to know her as an ex-sex worker.

But things have changed now.

This Artisan community has helped Jui build a home of her own and start a new life.
– Artisan Leaders in Bangladesh

Selina’s Story of Hope in Bangladesh

Selina was the eldest of five children growing up in extreme poverty in Bangladesh.

As her parents struggled to provide for their children’s essential needs, they could not afford the cost of sending Selina to school, so she was forced to drop out of school in eighth grade.

Right after dropping out of school, Selina was married off to a local farmer in her village.

Within a few years, Selina gave birth to a daughter and then a son.

As her children grew up, Selina realized she needed to send them to school, but they couldn’t afford their school fees.

As Selina began weaving tapestries, she also began weaving a new story of hope for her family.

Selina earned enough income as a fair-trade Artisan to help provide her family with financial stability and send both of their children to school.

Her daughter went on to pursue a Bachelor of Business Studies.

As her son finishes his schooling and is beginning to pursue his dreams, Selina’s dream is to continue to provide opportunities for both of her children to get a higher education.

“I want to work as an Artisan as long as possible and create a better life for my children.”
– Selina, Artisan in Bangladesh

Shibani’s Story of Hope in Bangladesh

Shibani overcame poverty and child marriage… and discovered purpose.

Shibani never had the chance to go to school.

Like many families in areas of extreme poverty in Bangladesh, her family arranged Shibani’s marriage when she was twelve years old.

She soon became a mother, but her husband didn’t earn enough money to send their kids to school.

Years later, she became an Artisan to pay for her children’s education.

Now they’re almost ready to graduate!

“Working has given me a purpose in my life.”
– Shibani, Artisan in Bangladesh

Dipu’s Story of Hope in Bangladesh

“My sister-in-law was the one who asked if I wanted to work here, as they were hiring.

I showed up the next day, as I was eager to work.

After getting this job, I was able to provide for my family, including proper education for my children… even bearing the expenses of my family.

When this job was not available, I used to do household chores.

After I joined, I was able to contribute to my family properly.

Before, I didn’t do any work, but after working at this workshop, I feel good, while my neighbors show admiration.”

– Dipu, Artisan in Bangladesh

“My dream is to educate my boy and improve the condition of my family.”
– Dipu, Artisan in Bangladesh

Discover More of Dipu’s Story of Hope in Bangladesh

Trades of Hope is partnering with Artisans in Bangladesh to empower women to lead their families out of poverty.
Every purchase of Trades of Hope designs from Bangladesh provides skills training and jobs for women in areas of extreme poverty that help families thrive.

Our handcrafted designs made by these Artisans in Bangladesh are currently SOLD OUT.

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