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Skylet Bracelet

Skylet Bracelet

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This Artisan-made Skylet Bracelet features handmade, light blue painted clay beads accented with smaller silver-tone brass beads. The handcrafted Haitian clay beads make each stretch-to-fit Skylet Bracelet unique and stunning! Every purchase creates jobs for women in areas of extreme poverty in Haiti and helps mamas keep their babies out of poverty orphanages. 

Every bracelet has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Meet the Artisan

Makensia's Story of Hope Surrounded by the tropical beauty of Haiti, Makensia is also surrounded by extreme poverty. But neither poverty, nor the death of a child, nor domestic abuse have defined her. She has persevered through many challenging seasons and continues to pursue good things for her family. While many mothers in her village have been forced to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their children to poverty orphanages to save them from starvation, this mother of five has been able to earn enough income to keep her family together by hand rolling beads and making jewelry from Haitian clay and discarded cereal boxes. Your purchase helps Makensia continue to keep her family together.

Product Details

Approx. Measurements: Stretch 6 3/4" Materials: Haitian clay beads, Brass beads Color: Light blue, Silver

The Impact of Your Purchase

Haiti is home to almost 500,000 orphans. The majority of Haiti’s orphans have not been orphaned by parental deaths, but instead have parents, grandparents, and relatives who love them, but surrendered them to orphanages because they could not feed them. This workshop in Haiti provides local parents with a safe workspace to earn sustainable income that empowers them to keep and provide for their children. These Artisans in Haiti are overcoming extreme poverty, political unrest, and gang violence, as they create ethically made jewelry, accessories, and home decor to keep their families together and provide their families with brighter futures. Purchase this bracelet and empower a woman in Haiti!

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