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Create This Colorful & Meaningful At-Home Escape & Discover Your New Happy Place!

by | Founders

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Create Your Oasis

Never again will you and I take for granted the sanctity of home. When nurtured, the physical house serves as an oasis for invisible treasures: family memories, deep laughter, impactful conversations, and unapparelled sense of security. These moments of home help us to retreat from the noise of the world. With our fair-trade Escape Home Décor Collection, your home reaches beyond its four walls into a global community.

Escape to Your At-Home Getaway

Create a personal escape for your home or backyard with 7 pieces made by women in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. This kaleidoscope of vibrant color will transform your home and transport you into festive moments of Spring and Summer. Entertain your loved ones with all the elements needed for a seasonal tablescape to create memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Your newest favorite get-away will be in your own backyard.

Change the World Through Hospitality

As you serve salad with the Anala Serving Set, know you’ve helped women in India find a financial independence which is rare in their region.
When your plate touches a Hogla Placemat, remember you’ve partnered with Dipu in Bangladesh towards her dream of educating her son.
As the Primrose Planter catches your eye on the table, hear the words of Binu in Nepal when she said,
“One of my favorite moments as an Artisan is when my work was appreciated, and we were given another order for it. I still feel happy thinking about it!”

Create your colorful and meaningful at-home escape… and discover your new happy place.

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    So pretty


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Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth is a founder of Trades of Hope and is passionate about empowering women to boldly reach their dreams, here at home and around the world. She loves meeting our artisan partners, traveling to new cultures, and binging Downton Abbey episodes with her matching redhead puppy.