Amrita’s Story of Hope in Nepal

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Discovering Her Talents

My aunt introduced me to this workshop. She used to bring raw materials home to make different products. I was really interested and tried my hands on it. It turned out nice! I was only 15 years old that time, so I was not able to work as an Artisan. So, I waited. Gradually, with practice I’ve been able to make a fine product. My family and relatives are proud of the work that I’m doing!

Discovering Friendships

Working together with all the other Artisans, learning from each other, knowing their culture and socializing is my favorite part of this work. Some of my neighbors also work in this workshop, so sometimes we gather in someone’s house and work together. Occasionally, we celebrate our festivals together too. Since the pandemic, we work at our individual homes. I miss meeting each other, working together, sharing and laughing together.

Discovering Hope

As an Artisan, I’m able to devote time toward both my studies and work. With this balance, it makes me feel like a responsible person toward society and my family. I’m earning my bachelor’s degree in social work. I’ve seen children not receiving appropriate care and nurture. I’ve seen children wandering around the streets and sometimes ending up in wrong places. I would like to help them in any way possible. I dream of opening an orphanage to serve their needs and provide them with an education.

“I really appreciate my work. I’m able to contribute toward my family’s expenses. Moreover, I’ve been able to pay my own tuition fees. So, this work is very important to me.”
– Amrita, Felt Artisan in Nepal

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Because of Nepal’s frigid climate and local agriculture, many of our Artisan partners specialize in making ethically made designs from wool. These products are celebrated every year during our winter holiday season, so they are out of season at this time and not available.
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Kathy Thomas

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