Can Accessories
End Poverty?

No. But the women who shop them and the women who make them can!

We're a woman-owned fair trade brand that exists to create jobs for women to lead their families out of poverty. 


Summer Accessories,
Breaking Cycles of Poverty

Colorful hand-beaded accessories, woven leather, and a versatile summer wrap: all ethically made by wome leading their families out of poverty.

Ethically Sourced
Guatemalan Coffee

Every bag creates jobs for families facing extreme poverty in Guatemala.

Shop Giving Necklaces

Each necklace donates $10 to a cause you care about. Girls' Education, Fighting Human Trafficking, World Hunger, Supporting Moms

The Problem

The Solution

Your Impact!

1 in 10 women globally are facing extreme poverty.

Today, millions of women and children are in cycle of extreme poverty due to of a lack of job opportunities. This leads to injustices like:

- Mothers giving up their babies to orphanages because they can't afford to feed them

- Women and children at a higher risk of being trafficked

- Lower rates of girls education and higher rates of child marriage and domestic abuse

When 1 woman rises out of poverty, she takes 4 people with her!

The great news is: We already know how to solve this. Creating safe, dignified, and fair jobs for women is proven to break cycles of poverty.

Statistically, women with jobs in developing communities:
  • Raises 4+ people out of poverty
  • Sends more girls to school
  • Lowers rates of domestic violence, child marriage, and human trafficking



You are changing a life every time you shop!

Every design comes with a testimonial from one of the women who made it for you! 

When you shop our ethically made accessories, you are helping to create more jobs for women to lead their families out of poverty.

We couldn't do this without YOU!


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Giving Necklaces

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Countries Where We are Partnering with Women Leading their Families Out of Poverty!

Meet Zi Yun

Meet Clivia

Meet Mosmeen

Zi Yun, Artisan in East Asia

"With no education or options, a friend brought me to a brothel to work. I eventually ran my own. I recruited girls into the brothels myself. Today, I go into the same neighborhoods filled with brothels that I used to work in so that I can bring women and girls out of the dark life of exploitation and help them experience true freedom."

Clivia, Artisan in Haiti

"I was raised in one of the most dangerous areas in Port-au-Prince. I cannot imagine what life would be like without my work. I would have to depend on the help of others. I love when I hear there are new orders and that I'm able to come to work the next day! Trades of Hope and this Artisan community have helped by providing jobs."

Mosmeen, Artisan in India

"I was married off at a very young age to a man from another village. Years later, my husband deserted me. Now, I have dignity and economic security. All three of my children can go to school, and I’m also able to support other female Artisans in my village."

When we come together,  anything is possible