Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion


Living Tapestry reflects who we each are individually… and together. Our lives have been woven together with events, relationships, and encounters, past and present. The patterns we thereby exude are all unique to each one of us, which is what we celebrate with this concept.

Spring heralds new growth and an explosion of dynamic color. We welcome the re-emergence of optimism through color and combine it with the beauty of nature in all its forms. Floral motifs, wood, and natural shapes are delightfully found throughout this collection.

Our palette also draws from nature with sparks of energetic color that are bound to lift spirits. A carefully curated collection of colors mirrors a balance only found on God’s earth. Colors include ocean blues, vibrant orchid pink enhanced with gentle greenery balancing out tones of peaches and yellows.

Join us as we enthusiastically journey forward into a new year, a new day, and a renewed celebration of our own beautifully woven living tapestry.