Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

We come forth new and bold and expectant from a year that forever changed our world. From diversity, to caring for each other, to the impact on the global economy — our collection of fair trade jewelry and ethical fashion represents something so much deeper.

One World is the idea that our world is interdependent. As women, we belong to each other.  

Truthfully, we have always had a DNA that addresses the issues of the global economy, equality, diversity, and the basic needs of human beings.  One World expresses who Trades of Hope has always been in a new, bold, and empowering way.

The timeless look of pearls in jewelry is a stunning reminder of the feminine beauty that can be formed under extreme pressure. Our Artisan partners in India who crafted our pearl collection for you are daily overcoming obstacles like poverty and societal discrimination to pursue their dreams. Stand with them by exploring our pearl collection.

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As we celebrate the intermixing of cultures around the world, we call out a relevant trend seen on runways: mixing silver and gold. Our wide range of barely-there layering necklaces offers you the opportunity to build your own neck-scape. Express how YOU individually support Artisans around the world by creating your own look.

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Featuring sustainably-collected leather and hand-woven textiles, our handbag collection shows off our Artisan partners’ talents and skills. From India to Guatemala, the quality, style, and — of course — the heart behind every one will make them the bags you keep reaching for over and over again!

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Not only does our One World collection offer you the opportunity to layer necklaces to your heart’s content, but now the possibilities are endless with our charms! Select your favorite charm, then your favorite base-jewelry and — VOILA! Our simple two-step process allows you to create fair trade jewelry of your own!

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TRENDING ON RUNWAYS: Silver! Our silver linings collection shimmers with hope, made by women leading their families out of poverty. From India, choose your favorite necklaces to layer. From Guatemala, enjoy the visual reminder of your purchase’s impact with fingerprint charms of the woman who made your piece.

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Collect treasures from around the world with our gemstone jewelry! Peach moonstone, deep green chrysocolla, and coveted tourmaline call out just a few. Find the perfect pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace with your favorite stones. Read the significance behind each gemstone and the craftsmanship of our Artisans!

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Kantha stitching techniques were born out of resourcefulness. Originating in West Bengal and Bihar, women would recycle old saris and dhotis, layering and embellishing the scrap fabric to make blankets for their babies. Our Artisan partners have showcased their kantha technique for you in the form of this versatile scarf! The Kantha Scarf can be worn in a myriad of ways. Enjoy it around the neck, wrapped around the shoulders, or thrown on as a shawl. It will be your newest companion to grab while you’re on the go!

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Want a fair trade self-care moment? Enjoy mango wood candle holders, handmade throw blankets, and soaps! These soaps are made in the U.S. by women overcoming abuse, addiction, and trafficking. For the kids in your life, we have an array of little friends made in Guatemala and Mexico! Get ready to meet Clarita the Pig and her friends!

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