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Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

Fair Trade Jewelry & Ethical Fashion

Why Should We Celebrate International Women’s Day?

by | Artisans

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 Did you know?

We’re fighting inequality through simple, doable, solutions like providing safe jobs with fair wages for women in areas of extreme poverty around the world. We believe that every woman deserves opportunities to learn, grow, and pursue her dreams. 

In an effort to help balance global gender inequality, we intentionally partner with approximately 80% women Artisans in over 16 countries and provide a global marketplace for their designs. Every Trades of Hope purchase is a victory for women overcoming discrimination, abuse, poverty, and human trafficking around the world.

3 Steps to Take on International Women’s Day


Celebrate Women’s Achievements

This International Women’s Day, celebrate the list of inspiring women who defied odds, displayed immense courage, and sparked tremendous change for women today.


Raise Awareness About Women’s Equality

Although we have come a long way, human trafficking, gender discrimination, and the exploitation of women are still realities for many women. Let’s acknowledge the need for change and raise awareness.


Support Women Owned Businesses

Choose to take action this International Women’s Day. Support women owned businesses, including businesses owned by Black women and WOC (Women of Color). Consciously shopping small impacts a freer, more equal world on a global scale.

Want 1 more way to SUPPORT WOMEN on March 8th?

Shop to support women Artisans! We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with 2 new designs that celebrate women, their heritage, and the traditional fashions of their cultures!

Every purchase empowers women Artisans in India who are working to lead their families out of poverty.
Equality Matters
Trades of Hope is partnering to champion Women’s Equality in over 16 countries through fashion as a force for good.

Partner with us to become part of our sisterhood that’s championing women’s equality.

* Statistics about women’s equality can be found at internationalwomensday.com and unwomen.org/en/news/in-focus/international-womens-day.

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