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Why Do Women in Guatemala Need Sewing Machines?

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Guatemala Upcycling Mayan Fabrics

Trades of Hope founder, Elisabeth Huijskens recently interviewed Artisans in Guatemala and discovered another way women in the U.S. can help empower women in Guatemala to lead their families out of poverty. – (Read Time: 2 min.)

Discovering Her Need

Watch this 2 minute video to discover why women in Guatemala need sewing machines.

“We hope for the future to teach new ladies. We have a lot of requests for other women to join our Artisan community, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough sewing machines.” – Clara, Artisan Leader in Guatemala

Empowering Her Mission

For years, Clara’s job kept her from being with her family. Then she built a workshop in her home so she could work with her husband and have more time to spend with her children. When other parents from her village still needed to travel far away to earn enough income to feed their families, Clara decided to help them change their stories.

Clara, Artisan in Guatemala

“Thank you very much to all of you who are buying our products. We are a group of women who sometimes our husbands have jobs, but other times our husbands don’t have jobs. We can bring our kids – little babies – to work with us. It provides us with money every week to feed them. Thank God that we have this help from this partnership!” – Clara, Artisan Leader in Guatemala

NOW – July 31, 2022!

Clara, Artisan in Guatemala

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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

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