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What is Huipil?

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Upcycled-Mayan-Huipil designs from Trades of Hope

What is Huipil? We’re glad you asked! Come explore our beautiful collection of Huipil designs where remnants of ancient Mayan traditions are transformed into modern eco-friendly fashion that celebrates culture and reduces your carbon footprint. (Read Time: 1 min.)

Made from Upcycled Mayan Huipil

Upcycled Mayan Huipil 3
Huipil is the colorful traditional cotton blouse worn by women in Guatemala to signify which village they call home. Artisans in Guatemala meticulously weave each piece of Huipil fabric with colors, patterns, and motifs that are unique to each woman’s village.
Upcycled Mayan Huipil 2

Upcycling – The Art of Transformation

When a woman creates or receives a new Huipil blouse, Artisans then upcycle the well-loved Huipil fabric she no longer wears into a colorful new design. Upcycling is the art of transforming a material into something new that has greater purpose and value than the original.

Traditional Mayan Huipil Fabric in Guatemala
Whether a remnant of Huipil fabric is upcycled into a bag, accessory, or piece of home decor, each one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly Huipil design by Trades of Hope provides a fair-trade job for a woman in an area of extreme poverty in Guatemala.
Upcycled Mayan Huipil from Guatemala

How Huipil is Changing Lives

In Guatemala, gender discrimination and a lack of opportunities prevent many women in areas of extreme poverty from receiving an education or earning a living wage.
Mercedes, Artisan in Guatemala
Upcycled Traditional Mayan Fabrics, Huipil and Tipico
But these women are utilizing their traditional Artisan skills to celebrate their Mayan heritage and create beautiful products that reflect their culture while also empowering them to provide for their families.
Upcycled Mayan Huipil 5
As Artisans and business owners, women in rural villages are now able to feed, clothe, and pay for their children to go to school – opening doors to a brighter future for the next generation in Guatemala!
Rosa and Martha, Huipil Artisans in Guatemala with Founder Gretchen

Huipil Artisans Rosa (left) & Martha (right) with Trades of Hope founder, Gretchen (center)

“My name is Martha. I am from Patzun, a town in the department (state) of Chimaltenango. I am very happy to be here with you! It is a blessing from God to have you here in our nation of Guatemala. Because the truth is it benefits my family – and our countrywomen most of all – because we are given the opportunity to work. This work you all do reaches to us and reaches to many other people. Thank you very much and God bless you!”

– Martha, Huipil Artisan in Guatemala

Watch This Video – What is Huipil?

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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

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