Upcycled Rice Bags Are Changing Women’s Lives in Vietnam!

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Artisans are overcoming poverty in Vietnam by blending beauty with environmental responsibility & creating fair-trade designs using upcycled acrylic rice bags!

Thai Thi Thu Phuong’s Story of Hope in Vietnam

I’m a single mom. I have two children and I live with my mother. I was taught sewing by social workers in a program provided by this Artisan community to help poor families. I have been working here for many years and I have a good income. I’m more confident. My favorite memory as an Artisan was the first time that I had money from working hard!

Without my work, life would be really difficult. I could not find another job at my age and with my low education. I just know sewing bags and purses. Because of my work as an Artisan, my children can go to school. They have a better education – more than me! 

“I dream that my children can have a good life.”
-Thai Thi Thu Phuong, Artisan in Vietnam

Ngo Truong Lien’s Story of Hope in Vietnam

I taught myself to sew. I was introduced to this Artisan community by another Artisan and was trained in every bag-making technique. I’ve been working in this workshop for many years. My favorite memory as an Artisan is the first item I made. It looked so nice and I was so proud of myself and what I could do! Since becoming an Artisan, I’m more confident and I have a good income. I have good health and happy life!

I’m happy with my work. I can work at home. Without my work, life would be terrible. I’m getting older and I have no good chance of finding work in this industry. I’m single and I live with my sisters. 

“When I have work, I am happy and healthy. I feel free and significant!”
– Ngo Truong Lien, Artisan in Vietnam
Trades of Hope is partnering in Vietnam to provide safe jobs with fair wages for women in areas of extreme poverty.

Every Trades of Hope purchase from Vietnam supports a woman working to create a better future for her family.

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  1. Lisa Lawrence

    What beautiful work you both have made. It does feel so good when we accomplish the things we wish to do. I too make things that others can use. People are proud that what they purchase is not only wonderful but also we/they know how much it benefits such awesome ladies and their families. Keep up the good work !!!


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Kathy Thomas

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