Trades of Hope Partners with Elevate Academy to Empower Human Trafficking Survivors

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Here Are 3 Ways Fashion as a Force for Good is Helping Trafficking Survivors Heal…

1. Healing Through Hosting

At Trades of Hope, we believe all women should live with unapologetic joy and confident freedom. We’re honored to partner with Elevate Academy, an innovative online school created by survivors of human trafficking for survivors of human trafficking.

One of the first programs of its kind, trafficking survivors in every state in the U.S. receive trafficking awareness education, career counseling, skills training, education, holistic care, trauma counseling, and peer support through Elevate Academy.

Human trafficking survivor, Rebecca Bender, is the CEO and founder of Elevate Academy.

She works closely with law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security, medical personnel, and trafficking survivor restoration programs to provide expert testimony, training and consultations around the world.

Through our Healing Through Hosting giveback program, the more your friends shop, the more days your party sponsors for a trafficking survivor to enjoy access to the healing resources of Elevate Academy’s online program.

Beginning February 1, 2021…

When you host a Trades of Hope party, you’re providing a human trafficking survivor with resources to equip and support her on her journey of healing and hope.

 Each time you achieve a higher level of hostess rewards…

not only will you earn more free and discounted products…

but you’ll also provide more funding for…

online trauma counseling…

job skills training…


and educational resources…

created by human trafficking survivors…

for human trafficking survivors.

More Party Sales = More Days of FREE Access to Training, Counseling, & Healing Resources Through Elevate Academy for a Trafficking Survivor

What is Elevate Academy?

Developed by trafficking survivor, author, and international speaker, Rebecca Bender, Elevate Academy is the largest online school in the world providing education, career and trauma counseling, mentoring, and peer support for survivors of human trafficking.

Three Benefits of Elevate Academy That Help Human Trafficking Survivors Heal:

— Identification Through Education – How to know you’re being trafficked.
— Job Skills Training – so survivors don’t return to trafficking out of financial need.
— Trauma Counseling – so trafficking survivors can mentally process and apply their new skills.

Elevate Academy is offered free of charge to trafficking survivors. Your party makes it possible for survivors to enjoy their free access, because you are helping Elevate Academy cover their costs of operations, access to professional resources, and the continuing development of new curriculum and restoration programs.

What Your Party Provides to a Trafficking Survivor in the U.S.









CAREER COUNSELING – HELP HER RECOGNIZE HER UNIQUENESS, skills, interests, and values, so she can explore career choices that will help her thrive.

EDUCATION – EQUIP HER with access to accredited courses that can help her land her dream job.

HOLISTIC CARE – HELP HER HEAL from the trauma she’s experienced by providing her with resources and care for her whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

SUPPORT GROUPS – SUPPORT HER by supporting local peer groups where she can connect and grow with other survivors on her journey of healing.

2. Gifts of Hope Givebacks

 Did you know Trades of Hope has already partnered with Elevate Academy in recent years?

When a trafficking survivor completes her orientation with Elevate Academy… 

she receives a welcome box with resources and gifts to help her start her new life of freedom & healing! 

Every box includes a free Trades of Hope Bracelet to help her feel…






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