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Women in U.S.A. Are Breaking Free From Poverty, Addictions, Trafficking, Trauma, and Abuse

In the U.S.A., women breaking free from addiction, sex-trafficking, generational poverty, and trauma are rediscovering their value and identities, as they’re equipped with new skills, independence, and healing. Every purchase of our honey based products from the U.S.A. empowers a woman to overcome her past and lead her family out of poverty.

LaToya’s Story of Hope

Baltimore has its ups and downs. This Artisan community helps because they hire women who’ve been addicts. They’re giving women the chance to be prepared to go out there. I was a volunteer. Then they asked me if I wanted to work as an Artisan, and I said, “Yes!”

My work is helping me achieve my dreams because I’m getting prepared to have a different job in a different setting.

My favorite memories of working as an Artisan are my sisters… and this being my first job ever!

It motivates me to keep going.

I wasn’t able to work before.

I always wanted to have a job. I feel free to work.

It’s such a relief, honestly.

“My kids motivate me, and my husband is a big supporter!”
– LaToya, Artisan in Baltimore, U.S.A.

Angela’s Story of Hope

In our community, life is dark and downtrodden. This workshop is providing light, life, and opportunities for women in our community.

Since becoming an Artisan, I feel alive again!

I feel like I can give back while also providing for my family.

Without my work, I would be living month to month and super penny pinching to make ends meet!

Since becoming an Artisan, my husband and I have been able to buy a car, go on a vacation with our family and…

we’re in the process of adopting twin girls we’ve cared for since they were one week old!

“I dream of owning a home and starting my own event planning business.”
– Angela, Artisan in Baltimore, U.S.A.

Bobbie’s Story of Hope

Bobbie belongs to an amazing Artisan community in Baltimore, U.S.A., where survivors of poverty, addiction, abuse, trafficking, and trauma can experience healing and hope. Together, they create Artisanal products using honey harvested from local hives. 

A few of the women even get to enjoy the privilege of learning the art of beekeeping.

For beekeeper Bobbie, a trauma survivor, this environment – that should fill her with anxiety – feels surprisingly peaceful.

She moves with grace through the chaos of bees, as she regularly enters and exits over twenty hives.

“It’s helped me to step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to move forward by trying new and interesting things that I never thought could be possible – having the nerve to say, “Yes!”

– Bobbie

“Once I walked into the area with the bees, I realized that I can do the seemingly ‘impossible’ stuff that I used to doubt that I would ever be capable of.”
– Bobbie, Beekeeper in Baltimore, U.S.A.

Check out these Artisanal self care products made in the U.S.A. with all-natural ingredients, including honey and essential oils.

Every purchase of our honey-based products from the U.S.A. supports local bee hives in Baltimore, Maryland.
Trades of Hope is partnering with Artisans in the U.S.A. to help women break free from poverty, addictions, trafficking, trauma, and abuse.
Every purchase of Trades of Hope products from the U.S.A. provides women survivors with holistic care, job skills training, dignified income, healing, and hope.

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Kathy Thomas

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