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Empowering Acid Attack Survivors in Cambodia

Trades of Hope is partnering with Artisans in Cambodia who are overcoming the trauma and stigma of acid attacks. These women have had acid thrown on them as a form of punishment or revenge. Traditionally, these survivors are considered outcasts and are often victims of discrimination and random violence.

As Artisans, these women who were once shamed, abused, neglected, and abandoned are now rising out of poverty to become independent businesswomen.

Inspiring Beauty and Hope

Trades of Hope is partnering with an Artisan community in the Cambodia that provides safe jobs and dignified income for women survivors of acid attacks.
Every design from Cambodia is created by the hands of an acid attack survivor to inspire beauty and hope.

Jariya’s Story of Hope

“My name is Jariya. One day someone flung a container of acid in my face. It burned my face, and ran down my body, dissolving both my skin and my life.”
“The excruciating extensive burns threatened to take my life for months and since then, I’ve had to endure numerous surgeries to attempt to re-make my features and face to be normal again.”

Women Empowering Women

“I’m gradually trying to rebuild my life and to make a future for myself, but the only thing that gives me the courage to do that is that I know that I’m not alone, and that I may be able to do something to help others.” – Ya
For nearly a decade, Jariya has helped other acid attack survivors in Cambodia discover healing and hope as fair-trade Artisans.

A Message for YOU from Jariya

“I started this business to make goods by hand so that other women in my condition can earn their own living in safety and some measure of self-respect.”
– Jariya (Ya), Artisan in Cambodia
Trades of Hope is partnering with Artisans in Cambodia to empower women acid attack survivors.
Every purchase of our ethically made jewelry from Cambodia provides dignified income for women survivors of acid attacks.
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  1. Karl

    Love this. It’s so empowering. Sending blessings

    • Resa Dean

      I absolutely love Ya, I thank God she was able to overcome her tragedy and my dream is to meet her one day.


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Kathy Thomas

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