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Knitting as a Hobby

As a little girl, Rita was always passionate about knitting, stitching and making dolls. She grew up in Nepal, often knitting small swatches as a hobby. Later, with advanced training in knitting, design, and patterns, Rita began to knit new and challenging advanced patterns! The training she received from this local Artisan community made it possible for her to begin designing and creating knitted products as a professional Artisan. As an Artisan, she’s able to earn income on her own to help provide for her children’s needs.

Knitting with New Purpose

Rita defines herself as a confident and independent working woman. Her handmade designs are now in the hands of buyers far beyond Nepal. So, she’s proud of her skills! Rita’s continuous hard work has made her a leader among the other local home-based Artisans. She loves teaching eager unemployed women in her community to progress in their knitting skills and inspiring them to learn and develop their skills, so they can begin earning income on their own. She hopes to pass on her knowledge and knitting skills to the next generation of women in Nepal.

Shova, Artisan in Nepal
Ganga, Artisan in Nepal
Shanta, Artisan in Nepal

Knitting to Change the World

Rita believes that without her work, she would not be the same confident woman who she is today. She would not have the courage to speak as she does today. She believes that being an Artisan partner with Trades of Hope helps her stand confidently against Nepal’s traditional culture – that continues to discriminate against women – as she pursues her dream of becoming a social entrepreneur. Together Rita’s Artisan community is leading the way for women in Nepal to overcome social barriers and become professional Artisans and independent businesswomen.

“I love meeting other Artisans! Working together is always fun, and my work has definitely improved our economic and social condition.” – Rita, Artisan in Nepal
Because of Nepal’s frigid climate and local agriculture, many of our Artisan partners specialize in making ethically made designs from wool. These products are celebrated every year during our winter holiday season, so they are out of season at this time and not available.
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Trades of Hope is partnering with Artisans in Nepal to empower women in rural villages and areas of extreme poverty.
Every purchase of Trades of Hope designs from Nepal provides dignified opportunties for women in rural villages to empower their families out of poverty.
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Kathy Thomas

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