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Renaissance of Thought – Trades of Hope

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Renaissance of Thought is the concept for this ethically made collection at Trades of Hope.

Unapologetically Feminine

At the design level, we have taken a sophisticated and artistic approach to accessories: featuring jewelry mimicking sculptures, a scarf printed by hand with blocks, and a small crossbody bag structured with modern lines.

It is unapologetically feminine with warm reds, inviting navy, and a neutral mauve – which has recently been considered on runways as an autumnal hue for the season.

Natural Purple, Pink, & Sage Gemstones from India

Our Amara Necklace features a miniature paper clip chain, which is the chain texture of the moment – a style we continue to see on runways well into 2021.

The labradorite stone pairs beautifully with the Tourmaline Bracelet. This bracelet is encompassed fully with genuine tourmaline, a compound mineral, and gemstone which varies in hues from purple to pink and green to sage.

Aqua Blue Topaz & Smoky Quartz

This look is completed with the Topaz Ring, an adjustable ring featuring genuine topaz and smokey quartz stone. All three pieces in this gold and gemstone ensemble are made by women and men in India who are finding hope and dignity through our partnership for the first time.

Navy With a Pop of Deep Red

The following color story is that of navy with a pop of deep red. The Rita Scarf is made in India with a traditional block stamping technique. Blocks of wood are carved into the desired designed, pressed into natural indigo dyes, and stamped onto every Rita Scarf. This piece is as versatile as it is artisanal. It can be donned as a neck-warming scarf, a shoulder covering shawl, or a beautiful head wrap.

Upcycled Aluminum & Cereal Box Beads from Haiti

The Zanmi Earrings are crafted with lightweight, upcycled aluminum and the Bijou Bracelet is adorned with beads made of Haitian clay and rolled strips of upcycled cereal boxes.

While all three pieces are navy and play off of each other brilliantly; the most beautiful part of these jewelry pieces is that they are made by mothers in Haiti who are no longer at risk up giving up their children to orphanages out of desperation. 

Because of women like you, they are able to provide for their families, keep their babies, and be the dignified heroes of their own stories.

Natural Pearlized Capiz & Genuine Black Leather

And finally, we arrive to the black and white color story: the weight-less, capiz shell Aura Earrings from the Philippines and the black leather Everyday Crossbody from India.

The Everyday Crossbody was designed according to its namesake: for every day! Its neutral color, trending arched structure, and multiple pockets make it the ideal bag. There is even an external pocket for quick access to your phone or keys. Throw it on when you’re on the go or use it within a larger tote for organization. The Everyday Crossbody will be your newest companion for seasons to come.

Our Artisans have truly outdone themselves with this collection.
And I cannot wait to see how you style and share these hope-fill accessories and the real stories of the strong women who made them, touched them, created them.

Deeper Than Art

However, our season of Renaissance of Thought goes a lot deeper than the art. We have all lived out a year we could not have anticipated. In some ways, our lives have changed too much for comfort. And in other ways, the changes we have experienced in the last 9 months have been good and have broken up what was for something healthier, something needed.

But there is one truth that unites us all: after 2020, we cannot be the same. Issues have been brought to light that cannot be ignored. From diversity to caring for each other to the impact of COVID on the global economy, there has been a shift in thinking.

At our core, the Trades of Hope brand was built on advocating for women – all women – across borders and social systems and chiasms – to experience the pride and dignity of becoming the heroes of their own stories. As such a brand, we are paying attention to the changes in front of us.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this collection launches 9 months into the year. As do all births, the last 9 months have prepared us for a new season. They have called us to a rebirth, a renewal of the mind. We take up that responsibility to renew the way we think of the world after what it has endured, how we can better champion diversity, and find opportunities to look out for each other like never before, unified in our shared experience.

Renaissance of Thought is our focus for this season and into the future. We are not changing what we do but renewing our minds so that we can continue to do what we do with more unapologetic determination and nerve: to empower women out of poverty around the world – with more inclusion, more innovation, and even more compassion.

We’re excited to share in this ethically made collection with you, and our Artisans, reaching tens of thousands of people across 19 countries. Thank you for the powerful role you play this season as we continue to explore Renaissance of Thought.

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Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth is a founder of Trades of Hope and is passionate about empowering women to boldly reach their dreams, here at home and around the world. She loves meeting our artisan partners, traveling to new cultures, and binging Downton Abbey episodes with her matching redhead puppy.