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Pu’s Story of Hope

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Growing up in Thailand, Pacharing, known by her friends as “Pu”, started working at a young age to help support her family. She was able to finish high school but changed jobs often and couldn’t pay her bills.

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Poverty Prevented Her from Dreaming

Like many young women in Thailand, finding a sustainable job was a challenge for Pu, even with her education. In both rural villages and cities, safe jobs with fair wages are often hard to find. For girls who grow up in poverty, like Pu, as they mature into young women, they become focused on simply meeting their essential needs. Many have lost their hope of pursuing personal passions and dreams.

New Skills Bring New Opportunities

When Pu learned how to make jewelry, her life began to change. As an Artisan, she enjoys the security of a steady job and earning enough income to help her family while still having time to work on other things.

Beading Workshop in Thailand

The workshop we partner with in Thailand specializes in training young women in areas of extreme poverty in the arts of beading and sewing.

New Dreams

Pu’s favorite part of creating jewelry is beadwork. She wants to develop her designing skills and dreams of having her own shop, one day, where she can create her own designs. But her favorite part of being an Artisan is much more personal.

“I’m lucky because I didn’t want to move to a big city to find a job like many of my friends had done.” – Pu, Artisan in Thailand

Beads in Thailand Workshop

I’m very happy doing this work because I can live in my hometown while I raise my two children and send them to school surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!”

– Pu, Fair-Trade Jewelry Artisan in Thailand

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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

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