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Pintu’s Story of Hope in India

by | Artisans

Pintu’s Story of Hope in India – (Read Time: 1 min.)

Her Dreams of Becoming an Artisan

“I was always interested in the art of jewelry making and taught myself the techniques. As soon as I was able to work, I began looking for a job, which I was fortunate to find at a local jewelry Artisan community. I enjoy working with wax, creating the molds for jewelry, and then actually making the jewelry. My favorite memory of working as an Artisan is when I met my fellow Artisans for the first time, who are now my second family! I will always cherish the little chats we have while we work!

Her Joys of Becoming an Artisan

Without my work, I would be very unhappy. I wouldn’t be the independent woman I am today, nor would I be able to take care of my children. We’re a family of four – my husband, my son, and my daughter. My son is studying in India’s 10th-grade standard and my daughter is in 9th. My husband works in a private export company. The little but important things our Artisan community does – like ensuring fair wages and money for food during COVID-19 lockdowns – help my family a lot.

Empowering Her Future Dreams

Becoming an Artisan has helped me financially to a great extent.

It’s afforded me the opportunity to provide my children with a good education.

The biggest change was being able to buy household necessities while also saving for the future.

My work not only takes care of my family but also allows me to put some money away toward buying a house of our own.”

– Pintu, Artisan in India

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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communications Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan advocacy.