Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

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Your Rewards

We all share what we’re loving online.
You deserve to be rewarded for it!

Wear Hope, Share Hope, Give Hope, and earn extra cash while doing good.

Earn Cash & Gifts

Get 25% cash back on personal purchases, earn up to 35% when you make a sale.

No Risk, No Pressure, Just Passion

Low start up cost, no inventory needed, no minimum monthly sales requirements. The more you wear hope, share hope and give hope, the greater impact you will make.

Work From Where You Are

Use your personal website or app to easily manage sharing hope no matter where you are or what season of life you’re in.

We’re Here for You

We provide you with marketing material, ship all orders, manage all inventory and take care of your customers. All you have to do is wear hope, share hope, give hope – and enjoy the life you’re creating.

Start Spreading Hope Today

There are mothers at risk of giving up their babies to orphanages out of desperation. Women are looking for healing and dignity after escaping sex trafficking. You start making a difference as soon as your first sale!

Our Manifesto:

Each style is the physical expression of a woman’s transformation 

Women around the world and their strength are our muse. 

We have a vision of the world where women – from nation to nation – live unapologetically joyful lives. 

We are women who know what we want and create the opportunity to reach it.  

We believe that success is not a lofty goal reserved for a few. It’s found in every woman who rises each day to show up as her beautifully imperfect self. 

We make no apologies for the success, boldness, and influence we work to create for women near and far.  

From Artisan to Partner, our income gives us confidence, pride, and peace of mind.  

Because of our work, we radiate as our true selves. And we collectively rise to illuminate a more hopeful world. 


Ready to earn cash while doing good?

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Still Have Questions?


What does it mean to be a Trades of Hope Partner

As a Trades of Hope Partner you enter a dignified partnerhip with our Artisans. They receive 100% of their asking price for the accessories they create and receive a living wage for their region. And you earn some extra money an income to bless your family as well. By wearing our Artisans’ fair trade jewelry, you’re creating a market demand for their business to flourish!
What perks do I get as a Trades of Hope Partner?
  • You earn an immediate 25% cash back on all sales made.
  • You can earn up to $100 in Trades of Hope coupons in your first 60 days.
  • Earn special givebacks for Artisans, get recognition and earn exclusive product for yourself.
  • Be a part of a loving, compassionate, like-minded sisterhood community.
Will I receive training and support?
Of course! We provide training and support that will help you make an impact and earn an income. You’ll meet other Partners through our Partner Facebbook Group and at events. The Home Team provides weekly training calls, marketing tools and our Hope Central app.
Do I need to be good at selling?
No! You are not a salesperson; you are a storyteller. You don’t need to have any background in sales. We work together, we earn together. We each support our families. We support each other. We give each other dignity. We have the same needs, the same values, same hopes … we just have different circumstances.
Why do you use a direct selling business model?

We use the direct selling business model because we want to help as many women around the world as possible. Our community of Trades of Hope Partners advocate and sell for our Artisans far more than we could alone. They create a higher demand for our Artisans’ fair trade accessories, which increases our Artisans’ income exponentially.

From Artisan to Partner, we all appreciate this dignified partnership.

Is Trades of Hope a pyramid scheme?

Trades of Hope is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal. As a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), we support legislative efforts to irradicate pyramid schemes in the U.S. They threaten the opportunities that 6 million women in legitimate direct sales count on every day. (source: DSA)

According to Forbes, who credits the DSA, “…Pyramid schemes are illegal and the vast majority of their participants lose money. They rely on recruiting new representatives to profit (not product sales), charge reps large upfront fees and convince them to buy large amounts of inventory that is not returnable. Their products generally have little or no actual value.”

In contrast to this definition, sales of our fair trade product line is central to our business model. A Partner can join for as little as $49 (seasonally, it can be less), and as a DSA member, we offer 90% buyback of our starter collections. Finally, maintaining inventory is prohibited in our Partner Terms and Agreements.