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Kenson’s Story of Hope

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Empowering Families Out of Poverty

Our mission at Trades of Hope is to empower women and families in developing countries and the U.S.A. out of poverty and help them avoid human trafficking. We partner with Artisans in 19 countries to help create safe dignified jobs with fair wages that are consistent with fair trade principles and help families thrive.

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Empowering Both Parents Empowers Children

Empowering women and families includes empowering men – fathers, brothers, uncles, and sons – who help provide for and strengthen these families. In keeping with this mission, 20% of our Artisan partners are men whose income helps them provide better futures for their families and communities.

Kenson is one of our male Artisan partners in Haiti. Joyful, passionate, and charismatic, Kenson is part of a community of male Artisans in Haiti who upcycle steel oil barrels to create beautiful jewelry and home décor. As a young father of two beautiful daughters, Kenson shares our heart for empowering women and families out of poverty and strengthening families in Haiti.

Kenson’s Story of Hope

“Before working as an Artisan, I was selling used clothes on the street.

I was one of the first Artisans to work in our local workshop. I had a friend who worked there, and he introduced me to the Artisans. It’s had a big impact on my life.

I’m able to save money and pay for both of my daughters to go to school. I’m able to pay for a house to live in for my family. I have a lot more possibilities now.

I don’t have to worry about having enough food to eat, or how I’ll take care of my family. I like working in our workshop because I can advance in the business. I have a lot of possibilities.

Empowering Families Empowers Communities

I’ve seen this workshop help many people in our community because women in this community have had babies at an early age and have not had any possibilities to care for their families. Through working as Artisans, they have opportunities, and hope, and can provide for their families now.

I would like to spread the joy of having a job to other parts of Haiti. I would love to see our business grow and have locations in the countryside so it can help even more people. I would like to thank Trades of Hope for choosing to work with our workshop because we are able to keep working and provide more jobs for people in need.”

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with Trades of Hope and I hope we can always continue our partnership.”  – Kenson, Artisan in Haiti

“I promise to work hard for you.” – Kenson, Artisan in Haiti

Watch This Video Below to Discover More of Kenson’s Story of Hope!

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  1. Rochelle Evans

    Love the story and possibilities for Kenson and all. Am new to TH – how do we help?

    • Elisabeth Huijskens

      Hi Rochelle! The most sustainable ways to help are to shop our product from Haiti, to host a Trades of Hope party, or to become a Partner and create long-term hope for our Artisans! Thank you so much for learning about our Artisan Partner Kenson and wanting to help him and our other Artisans!


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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communications Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan advocacy.