Introducing the New 7 Wonders of the World – Trades of Hope’s Atlas of Beauty!

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Come… explore the inspiration behind our 7 newest fashions… designed to change the world.

Atlases serve as diagrams and maps portraying geography and location.

Therefore, with this concept we seek to address and redefine the geography of beauty. There’s room in this world for beauty to be diverse and Atlas of Beauty conceptually is taking us on a journey to discover beauty with an inclusive, global perspective.

This collection serves as a compass as we journey across Thailand, India, Peru, and North Asia.

Kavita, Artisan in India
Gajalabi, Artisan in India

Come along as we discover beauty through people, stories of struggle and triumph, across countries, and even accessories.

Greens & Blues

Various tones of clay will be the predominant neutral with the trending color of the moment… green.

1st New Wonder of the World – For Her Florence Top from India

2nd Wonder of the World – Impressionist Earrings from North Asia

Greens and blues play off each other with supporting hues of yellow and black to provide depth. Trends continue to focus on layering necklaces and bracelets and shining silver with the Inca Studs.
3rd New Wonder of the World – Grove Bracelet from Thailand
4th New Wonder of the World – Inca Studs from Peru

Natural Tourmaline Stone

5th New Wonder of the World – Kavita Necklace from India
With the Kavita Necklace and Kavita Bracelet, we’re offering a mature take on the currently coveted fashion trend of colorful beaded necklaces and bracelets with tourmaline stones.
6th New Wonder of the World – Kavita Bracelet from India

Genuine Leather

7th New Wonder of the World – Palomino Crossbody from India
The Palomino Crossbody offers a beautiful, international surprise inspired by Kate Spade with a blue peacock pattern waiting inside.

The true beauty of the pieces can be found in the words of women like Julia, Artisan of the Inca Studs, and Lulu, Artisan of the Impressionist Earrings.

Changing Lives in Peru

“If I wasn’t an Artisan, my economic status through the pandemic would be hard. I feel blessed! This order saved us! Trades of Hope was there in an important moment when our work decreased.

Pandemic was difficult for many families. Mine was not an exception. My daughter and son were unemployed. I was working from home with some Inca Studs in my charge.

This order helped so much because I continued working in my house! Our job is not only about a piece of jewelry. It’s a part of our hearts!”

– Julia, Artisan in Peru

Rescuing Women from Brothels

“After being physically and sexually abused most of my life and then being trafficked by a boyfriend, I ended up working in a brothel. When this Artisan community’s outreach teams met me in the brothel, I decided to take the opportunity to leave that terrible situation for a job making jewelry.

Since coming to this Artisan community, so many things in my life have changed! I love working at a company who supports me and working with my friends!”

– Lulu, Artisan in North Asia

Atlas of Beauty Styleboard

Shop Fashion as a Force for Good

Trades of Hope is partnering to empower women out of poverty & human trafficking through Fashion as a Force for Good.

Every purchase from our Atlas of Beauty Collection empowers women out of poverty & human trafficking.

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Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth is a founder of Trades of Hope and is passionate about empowering women to boldly reach their dreams, here at home and around the world. She loves meeting our artisan partners, traveling to new cultures, and binging Downton Abbey episodes with her matching redhead puppy.


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