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Inspire a Thrill of Hope This Holiday Season!

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Inspire A Thrill of Hope this Holiday Season with Trades of Hope’s 2021 Holiday Collection! Deck the halls with holiday decor and gifts that empower women in areas of extreme poverty to lead their families out of poverty! – (Read Time: 12 min.)




Mini Stars of Haiti Ornaments – Upcycled Cereal Boxes from Haiti!

Erna’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

“My husband didn’t have a job and I didn’t have any way to pay for school or a house for my children. I regretted having children and thought about killing myself. Then, someone told me there was a place where I could go to ask for a job.

I came with my two children and the Artisan leader gave me a big hug and told me I could start work on Monday!

Now, I’m able to pay for school for my kids and feed them. I can pay my rent, and this Artisan community has helped me a lot with medical needs.

My job also helps me care for my mom and dad. We all live together in a one room rented house.

My dream is to own my own home where everyone has their own room.” – Erna, Mini Stars of Haiti Ornaments Artisan in Haiti

Steel Bethlehem Ornament- Upcycled Steel Oil Drums from Haiti!

Claude’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

In the midst of extreme poverty, political unrest, and constant trials, our Artisan partners in Haiti are creating beauty from discarded materials like upcycled steel oil drums.
Abandoned by his mother as a young boy, Claude became orphaned and alone when his father passed away.

As a child, Claude worked alongside the Artisans in his village to provide for himself.

As a teen, he sold handcrafted Noah’s Arks at local fairs.

Now in his late 20’s, Claude is highly respected by the dozens of Artisans he oversees in his workshop.

Every purchase of this Steel Bethlehem Ornament helps support Claude and his community of metal Artisans in Haiti.

Merry Mice Ornament Trio – A Thrill of Hope from Nepal!

Jina’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Jina was expelled from her government job as a water pump operator when all temporary staff were let go. As the eldest sibling and a single woman in India, Jina had a big responsibility for her sibling’s education and parents’ needs. Now through her work as an Artisan, she’s paid enough to help run her family and provide for her siblings’ education and needs. 

Her brother is studying law and youngest sister is earning her master’s degree.

Jina’s very happy being a producer with skills! She no longer fears being expelled by anyone, because now she can earn on her own with her skills and talents. 

Jina believes in freedom and an independent life which she’s able to fulfill through her work

She believes, “Hope of learning and rising comes with every new order!” – Jina, Merry Mice Ornament Trio Artisan in Nepal

Capiz Dove Ornament Set – Sustainable Natural Capiz Shells!

Emelyn’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

After financial struggles forced Emelyn and her siblings to drop out of school during her first year of college, Emelyn went to work at a fast-food restaurant. At the restaurant, she met the granddaughter of a local businesswoman who taught women how to make jewelry and art from capiz shells.
Amazed by the Artisans’ creativity, Emelyn eagerly learned each step of the production process.

Now, this twenty-four-year-old is able to support her parents, send her younger brother back to school, and buy land to build her family a home.

She even co-manages the workshop’s entire capiz production process, along with the owner’s granddaughter!

“Emelyn is an inspiration to her Artisan community!” – Artisan Leaders in the Philippines

Match Box Nativity from Peru – Hand Painted by Women Artisans!

Ana’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

“Before I became an Artisan, I worked in many different jobs. Last year was a critical year, because my family’s situation was really bad. I lost my job before the pandemic, and I had to work with my brother in his small restaurant. Unfortunately, his restaurant had to close too.
I was offered the opportunity to work with this Artisan community and I accepted.

Without my work, my life would be a mess for sure.

All of the people who buy our products, even if they buy a small piece, are a huge help to us!

I dream of giving my daughters the education I wasn’t given.

My work is definitely helping me achieve my dream.

I can save money to achieve it in the future.” – Ana, Artisan in Peru

Vintage Ornament Set – Classic Holiday Decor from India!

Bholo’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

When Bholo was twenty years old, he began working to provide for his family’s needs. As the only son of a traditional family in India, it was Bholo’s responsibility to manage his family’s finances. Over the past twenty years, Bholo has become an expert in carving wooden bowls, dishes, and ornaments by hand.
Bholo’s woodworking skills have helped him provide for his wife’s and daughter’s needs.

His income as an Artisan allows him to support his daughter’s dream of attending college to become a doctor.

Bholo has proven himself to be a talented, responsible, and dedicated worker.

But he also recently shared a fun fact about himself with Trades of Hope! He enjoys playing ludo with his wife during his leisure hours!

Christmas Tree Gift Tote – Empowering Differently Abled Artisans!

Laxmi’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Laxmi is a resilient and determined woman, in spite of being married off at nineteen years old. Laxmi’s parents arranged her marriage to a stranger who was nearly a decade older than her. Throughout their seven-year marriage, Laxmi was often tortured by her husband.

During an argument about his dissatisfaction with the dowry money, her parents paid him to marry Laxmi, Laxmi was set on fire.

She survived, but her husband was fatally injured when he tried to save her.

As a widowed single mother with deep scars and physical limitations, Laxmi learned to stitch in this workshop.

Now, she’s able to support her three children and mother in a home she built with the income she’s earned as an Artisan.

Happy Holidays Gift Tote – A Thrill of Hope from India!

Vijaymala’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

As a strong and healthy 18-year-old athlete and newlywed, Vijaymala was happily married and living with her husband and in-laws. One day while washing clothes, she stopped to help her bedridden mother-in-law adjust her TV antenna. When the antenna struck a power line, the electricity surged through her wet hands and stopped her heart. Although Vijaymala’s heart began beating again, her fingers had to be amputated.

Determined to not become a burden on her family, Vijaymala learned stitching in this workshop and is now financially independent.

“The accident changed the person I am. It made me a stronger person mentally and physically. I have enormous physical limitations. The damage is done, and there’s no coming back from that. But I consider myself really lucky to be alive. I don’t think I would have had the will and determination to make it to this level, as I have my own house today.”
– Vijaymala, Happy Holiday’s Gift Tote Artisan in India

Merry Mice Gift Tote – Empowering Vulnerable Women in India!

Dilshad’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

“After my marriage, my family tortured me many times for over a year. One day, when I was cooking, my mother-in-law poured kerosene over me and burned me. When I came to this workshop, my wounds on my hands were still raw. I couldn’t lift or hold anything. It took me 4 – 5 years to learn everything. Whatever samples I get, I’m capable of making now.

There is immense joy in working with everyone!

I’ve got something that is more than a family here!

Here, I work with dignity and hard work.

This Artisan community has helped me enormously!

I didn’t take anyone’s help to educate my son. I did it alone!

How much I have traveled! From struggling to survive to actually living now!” – Dilshad, Merry Mice Gift Tote Artisan in India

Alpaca Ornament Set – Handcrafted Traditional Decor from Mexico!

Alicia’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Inspired by Artisan traditions passed down for generations, women in southern Mexico create handcrafted fair-trade jewelry, fashions, and home decor that reflect their ancient culture and create social change.
Preserving the ancient culture and traditions of her Mayan ancestors, Alicia handcrafts traditional stuffed animals like these adorable alpacas!

Each festive and colorful creature she creates is totally unique!

Alicia’s work as an Artisan allows her to enjoy fellowship with other women in her village or work from home when needed.

As an Artisan, Alicia enjoys a safe job with fair wages that provides financial sustainability, authentic community, and lasting hope.

This Artisan community who makes our Alpaca Ornament Set supports many families in Alicia’s rural village in Mexico.

Minnie the Elephant – A Thrill of Hope from Mexico!

Maria’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Preserving the ancient culture and traditions of their Mayan ancestors, Artisans like Maria collect wool from local sheep and then wash and detangle it, using special brushes and a process called “carding”.
Once Maria cards her wool, she spins the wool into thread and then dyes it various colors.

Using a traditional backstrap loom, she weaves the thread into cloth to make clothing for her family.

Then, Maria uses the scraps to sew festive traditional stuffed animals like Minnie the Elephant!

Each festive and colorful creature she creates is totally unique!

Every purchase supports a local woman-owned business that supports many families in Maria’s village.

Explore Our 2021 Holiday Collection – A Thrill of Hope!

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Wonderland Beanie from Nepal – Warm & Cozy!

Reena’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

“I live with my husband, in-laws and my three kids. Everyone in my family loves arts and crafts! My entire family supports me in doing my own work and being a knitting Artisan. My mother in-law used to knit sweaters and beanies at home. I learned the basics about knitting from her and my friends who used to knit as home-based Artisans.
Wonderland Beanie from Nepal
Being a Trades of Hope Artisan, I feel happy to get orders, and I feel glad that buyers like you are introducing our work beyond Nepal!

Working on my own means being independent, and I love my independence!

I can fulfill my kids’ demands on my own.

I can save to extend my workshop and fulfill my dream to open a showroom!”

– Reena, Wonderland Beanie Artisan in Nepal

Reena, Artisan in Nepal

Wonderland Mittens – A Thrill of Hope in Nepal!

Rita’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

As a little girl, Rita was always passionate about knitting, stitching and making dolls. With advanced training in knitting, design and patterns, she began earning income as an Artisan in this workshop. Rita’s proud of her skills and loves working from home and teaching other local women to knit and earn their own income.
Rita, Artisan in Nepal
Rita believes that without her work, she would not be the same confident woman who she is today.

She would not have the courage to speak as she does today.

She believes that being an Artisan partner with Trades of Hope helps her stand confidently against a society that discriminates against women as she pursues her dream of being a social entrepreneur.

“My work has definitely improved our economic and social condition.” – Rita, Artisan in Nepal

Estaa Throw Blanket from India – Bundle Up!

Kavita’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

“Being an Artisan, my life changed drastically. Now I can earn fair wages, have regular work, and my children are going to school because of this Artisan community’s Educational Assistance Program. I have also received COVID-19 relief like financial support, continuing food packs, masks, and sanitizers.
Estaa Throw Blanket from India
Most of the women from my community are housewives.

They only do household work, but I work and support my family.

I also encourage other women to join me for work.

I’m earning. I’m financially independent, and I can spend money on me.

My dream is that my children should get a good education.

I can make sure that my children get better higher education in the future!” – Kavita, Estaa Throw Blanket Artisan in India

Mango Wood – Eco-friendly, Sustainable Decor From Nepal!

Ekra’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Growing up in India, Ekra dreamed of graduating, but financial challenges forced her to drop out of school in the 8th grade. Without an education, her job opportunities were severely limited. As Ekra watched her older brothers follow in their father’s footsteps and become woodworkers, she became interested in their family’s business.
Ekra, Artisan in India
She started helping with finishing and packaging.

Now she works alongside her brothers as an equal Artisan partner with the support of their Artisan community.

This Artisan community recently made improvements to their family’s workshop by adding safety equipment and better lighting.

Ekra is grateful for her work and for the financial support of her Artisan community, especially during the recent COVID-19 lockdown in India.

Elephant Serving Board from India

Hammered Copper Serving Sets – Hospitality from India!

Muskan’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Muskan works alongside five of her cousins in a small family workshop in India, where the older cousins are passing down their family’s Artisan traditions to the next generation. “Shakeel, Muskan and Kamerule are extremely talented and are really hardworking individuals. Earlier, they lived in a village in a small room together. But now, due to all their hard work and talent, they are progressing and making a better life.
Estaa Throw Blanket from India
Muskan was always inspired by handicraft items.

Her husband is immensely supportive and lets her pursue this dream, and that’s something which is really rare in rural areas.”

– Artisan Leaders in India

“We want to give our children the opportunity to study, as we didn’t have this aspect while we were growing up”.

– Muskan, Gather Serving Set and Hope Spreader Set Artisan in India

Muskan, Gather Serving Set Artisan in India

Nicholas & Nadia Reindeer – A Thrill of Hope from India!

Rinku’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

Rinku is a young mother and talented Artisan who specializes in tailoring. She joined her Artisan community with some basic sewing skills but has become much more confident with the training and practice she has gained from her fellow Artisans. Her income helps her provide a comfortable home and good education for her son and daughter.
Rinku, Artisan in India
Rinku has enjoyed many memorable moments working with her Artisan community.

Her Artisan leaders recently shared one of her favorite memories with us, “One moment that stands out was when a study group from one of our buyers visited and everyone had a nice time by having lunch together.

The ladies from our Artisan community taught the visitors how to wear a ‘saree’ and don the makeup that a married Indian woman usually sports!”

– Rinku, Nicholas & Nadia Reindeer Artisan in India

Nicholas and Nadia Reindeer

Christmas Blend Coffee – A Thrill of Hope from Guatemala!

Pablo & Sara’s Story – A Thrill of Hope

During our stay at the ICU with our daughter, Natalia, we witnessed very difficult stories with other families and babies. As a family in Guatemala, we were blessed to have medical insurance and private hospital attention. But other families during our visit didn’t have the same story.
Estaa Throw Blanket from India
Our hearts broke several nights as we saw babies and families entering the hospital due to an emergency and leaving the next morning as they could not afford the hospital.

There was a dad who even tried to get a bank loan, but he wasn’t able to get it, so they left to a public hospital where conditions are not the same. In fact, you can get even sicker.

Because of that experience, Sara and I decided to create a fund through our Natalia Blend Coffee to help babies in Guatemala receive the care they need in ICU.

– Pablo & Sara, Christmas Blend Coffee Artisans in Guatemala

Muskan, Gather Serving Set Artisan in India

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