How Upcycled Paper Beads Are Helping Women Rise Out of Slums in Uganda

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In Uganda, many women and families live in crowded slums with no access to job opportunities, quality education, clean water, electricity, or sanitary drainage.

We’re partnering to change that.

Empowering Women in the Slums of Uganda

For years, Trades of Hope has partnered with Katie Davis Majors.

Katie is the best selling author of Kisses from Katie.

Our partnership helped provide women in the slums of Uganda with opportunities to earn dignified income as jewelry Artisans.

Many of these women were abandoned as single mothers, left to raise their childen alone in extreme poverty.

Why Our Partnership Has Changed

Our partnership with these inspiring women recently ended… for now… and we’re thrilled! Because Artisan leaders in Uganda recently reached out to Trades of Hope to share that they have been able to successfully accomplish their goal of empowering the women who make our Katie Bracelet Set – named after Artisan leader, Katie Davis Majors, and a Trades of Hope customer favorite – to become financially independent and graduate their jewelry Artisan program!

Many of these courageous and determined women have returned to their home villages, and others are pursuing their own businesses and dreams. As a result of Katie’s passionate commitment to empowering women, she will continue this mission in a new and different way and we’re cheering her on every step of the way!

So… What Happens Now?

So maybe you’re wondering… what happens now?

Will we still be able to empower women in the slums of Uganda to help their families rise out of poverty as jewelry Artisans?

YES! Abolutely!

Through another beloved partnership with another amazing woman who is passionately committed to empowering women in the slums of Uganda, we will continue to provide job opportunities through partnering to train, equip, and support women as Artisans.

We will continue to offer our upcycled paper bead bracelet set – originally the Katie Bracelet Set – through our partnership with Ms. Florence and her Artisan community in Uganda.

Our colorful upcycled paper bead set of three stretch bracelets made by women leading their families out of the slums of Uganda, has a new name – Florence Bracelet Set!

Meet Florence, Artisan Leader in Uganda

As a war refugee, Florence wanted to provide more for her family and her community.
She’s inspired so many women in the slums of Uganda by giving them the tools to make an income and have hope for their future.
They’re now able to afford better living conditions, medical expenses, and send their children to school.
Florence shared with us that many of these women are understanding their worth for the first time in their lives, as they experience the joy of dignified work!

Changing Lives Through Fashion as a Force for Good

“Before I started working with Trades of Hope, I use to live hand to mouth and I was dependent on my brothers for house rent, school fees for my son and medical bills. But that changed when I started working with Trades of Hope. I’m now self-reliant. I’ve acquired assets like land and even constructed a house in the village. I have access to better medical care, and I pay my own medical bills! I’m also able to support other vulnerable relatives and people from the community. I’m stress free and not worried about the future anymore!” – Florence, Artisan in Uganda

Florence, War Refugee and Artisan Leader in Uganda with Trades of Hope Founder, Gretchen
Florence leads a community of women Artisans in Uganda.

Every purchase of our Florence Bracelet Set supports a woman in an area of extreme poverty in Uganda.

Trades of Hope is partnering with Artisans in areas of extreme poverty in Uganda to empower refugees and families to rise out of slums.
Every purchase of Trades of Hope designs from Uganda provides skills training and jobs to empower women to lead their families out of poverty.
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