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How does our Coffee Break Poverty Cycles?

by | Artisans, Missions, Stories of Hope

Every cup of coffee has a story behind it. This is a story of hope.

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How is this coffee breaking cycles of poverty?

At Trades of Hope, we get the privilege of hearing directly from the people behind our products. We get to know names and faces… hear stories of hope… and see the good that each product is doing in 16 countries around the world.

Recently our Artisan Partners in Guatemala shared how Trades of Hope 100% premium coffee is doing good to the last drop!

Hear from Don Pablo!


I always hear “breaking the cycle of poverty” but how does that happen? When does it start or is that process real? 

It is very real and involves people full of determination. Kristeli started working with us a year ago as part of our family staff. She has tremendously helped us taking care of Natalia & as time went by, we started to realize she was full of potential and we are always looking for talent and determination as a family and company.

In Guatemala the lack of opportunities is always present, young talent does not have a good platform to strive for what they have to offer. Sara and I decided that we want to develop that platform with our coffees, support and admire people with talent and that are striving to have a better life for them and their families.

About six months went by and we started to realize that Kristeli was looking for opportunities to study. She is 21 years old and she tried to apply for the local government university but wasn’t able to make it happen.

We realized she was looking for other opportunities and she applied for our microcredit program to get a laptop. We were able to help her make that happen.  At the time, she was getting ready to attend a private university. Recently, we heard only 2% of our entire population makes it to attend any type of University and get a degree.

Kristeli and Natalia, Don Pablo and Sara’s daughter

Kristeli’s reality is that she started working at 10 years old, she was in 4th grade but she started working to make sure her family had enough income. She is the second one of 4, she has 2 brothers and 1 sister; she shared how her entire family is always looking for a better future for them. Proof of that is that Kristeli finished high school even though she started working so young (as a lot of kids do in Guatemala). It is a tough reality for sure.

We make it clear: “The Natalia Blend” is a delicious coffee that was created to impact lives one way or another, to make your palate happy and get you inspired, to support families with premature babies, to support our microcredit program that helps students get their technological tools like laptops, or to empower young women like Kristeli to have that chance to impact her life. 

Recently, Kristeli was able to enroll at a private University and she is going to start attending classes February 7th, 2023.  She was so excited and Sara went with her to help her with all the paperwork to make this happen. She is going to be the first family member (that includes all relatives) that will enroll and attend a private university. This was the main event for her entire family and we are so happy to know that the Natalia Blend is going to provide 50% of her monthly cost for the next 4 years. We are striving to help others by simply providing effective opportunities that if they want, could impact their lives and their families. 

So every time you sip your Natalia blend rest at peace knowing that you are helping us to impact others in Guatemala to break their cycle of poverty!

Natalia Blend Coffee

Coffee With a Mission

Our Natalia Blend Coffee from Guatemala has a special place in Don Pablo’s heart. Named after his daughter, Natalia, every sip has human value. Every cup helps provide safe working conditions, fair living wages, job skills training, education, medical clinics, nutritional counseling, long-term healthcare, therapy for disabled children, and lifesaving medications.

Does your coffee do that?

“We All Need to Be Superheroes” – Don Pablo

Watch the video below to discover more about how you can make a difference in the fight against poverty in Guatemala.

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