Safe But Social!

There’s a reason we call it a party! Invite friends over for laughs, accessories, and hope or have a gathering online to do it all from your couch!

Ready to Party?

Provide us with the information below and we’ll connect you with your Partner…

Make a Difference

The more you and your friends shop, the more Artisans you support, the more donations your party makes, and the more hope you spread!

Get Rewarded

Who doesn’t love free gifts? (Of course, you do!) As a hostess, you can earn free product, half off items and even give back to families around the world!

your way!

You get to decide how to gather together, even from a distance.

Gather at Home

Invite the girls over for a fun evening of jewelry, scarves and home decor! Discover beautiful pieces and stories about the beautiful women who make them. Relax and enjoy light refreshments and comforting conversation. 

Gather Online

Imagine sipping your favorite beverage, connecting with friends, and changing lives in leggings! Having a social gathering allows you to invite guests from near and far. We make ordering online a breeze and ship all purchases directly to your guests! 

Lookbook Party

You won’t need to clean or prepare a thing! Pass a few Lookbooks around the office, the gym, the break room or wherever! Collect orders and your Partner can do the rest!

Gather on the Go!

Get the girls together at a restaurant, winery, or even at the park! Pass around a Lookbook and they can shop from your Party Link right from their phones, iPads or computers!

Through January, get 75% off your Trades of Hope favorites!

Host a socially distanced or online party to give women power over poverty and human trafficking.

You can give

• A solar lamp to a family in Africa!
• An ultrasound to an expectant mother in Madagascar!
• Glasses to a visually impaired person in India!
• Birthing medical supplies for a woman in Uganda!

As our THANK YOU for hosting a party to fight poverty and human trafficking, we’ll give you Free Product!

Party Value Hostess Dollars
toward your
favorite products!
# of 75% Off Items Giveback
$1,500 $250 3 Birthing Kit
$1,000 $150 2 Glasses
$750 $100 2 Ultrasound
$500 $55 1 Solar Lamp
$250 $25 1
$150 $15 0

For every new party booked with a confirmed name and party date, the hostess will qualify for an additional half-priced item.  Redeem your Hostess Dollars for Free Product or use them to get your Starter Kit and become a Trades of Hope Partner today!

Happy Hosts are Saying…

"It’s easy, with everything going on in the world, to feel like I can’t do anything. Supporting TOH reminds me my actions can make a difference. When I show up at work wearing a piece, I know there’s a woman somewhere in the world doing the same thing because of my purchase, and that feels right."

- Cori B.

"After hosting my first ToH party, I had brand new jewelery to wear every day for at least a week! And the bonus was when I would get compliments on it, I could tell people about the women all around the world that had made my beautiful accessories!"

- Melanie R.

"I love hearing the stories behind the products at the parties. The passion and purpose behind Trades of Hope resonates with people and it makes them feel good about their purchases knowing they are helping others in the process."

- Demetra A.

"I love TOH because they are making the world a better place by doing good for women/families in so many different countries including U.S. I love hosting (it's my first time!) because it's a win-win for everyone and my favorite thing about having a party is the opportunity to give back. ❤️"

- Sandra

"I love giving my friends the opportunity to do something that is bigger than ourselves"

- Laura

"Hosting for Trades of Hope is an opportunity to make others aware of the plight of women and families around the world and how we can all support and show we care when we purchase their products. It also is a great way for a small group to get to interact and to get to know each other!"

- Connie

"I love hosting because I feel like I can make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world. I love that TOH pays their artisans BEFORE any item is even sold. Plus artisans earn more than bare minimum and can enjoy life beyond work. And my favorite part of a party is sharing TOH with friends and family to spread the word on their mission."

- Hannah S.


How do I become a Hostess?

If you already know a Trades of Hope Partner, you can reach out to her and let her know you’d like to host! If you’d like us to connect you with a Partner, CLICK HERE.

How many people should I invite?

Gather your way! A few friends, or a room full or family it’s up to you! Just remember, the more orders your gathering generates, the more FREE product and givebacks you will earn!

Also, over inviting is key! Not everyone will be able to make it, so invite more than you expect to come!

Does the Gathering need to be at my home?
Nope! Gather your way! Here are some suggestions:

  • at a park
  • in a restaurant
  • in a community clubhouse
  • in the office
  • in the breakroom
  • outside patio
Can I invite out-of-town friends?

Absolutely! Your Partner will provide you with a digital Party Link that you can share easily by text or mail! All orders placed through that link will be credited to your party, whether they actually attend the party or not!

What type of snacks should I prepare?

Keep it simple & gather your way! Here are some ideas that we love:

  • Cheese & Crackers
  • Fruit or Veggie Tray
  • Brunch
  • Crackers and Brie
  • Wine & Cheese Ba
How will the orders be delivered to my guests?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about sorting, bagging and distributing orders! ALL Trades of Hope orders are shipped directly to your guests! Phewwww! We know that’s a relief! The only order you’ll get will be your Hostess Order full of your free and half priced fair trade goodies!

How long do Trades of Hope parties usually last?

Each gathering will be different, based on your Partner and the guests that attend. Gatherings can typically be 1 – 2.5 hours on average.

What other tips can you offer me?
  • Make a list and start inviting! *over inviting is key!
  • Take a Lookbook to work, to the gym or to play group! Collect outside orders from those who can’t come to the actual party.
  • Send reminder texts to your invite list a week before and another one a day or two before the party!
  • Keep your refreshments simple! Relax, have fun!

Still have questions about hosting a Gathering? Contact us here!

Love Rewards & Love giving back? Do more!

Host a $750 + party and use your Hostess Rewards towards a Kit Coupon and become a Trades of Hope Partner for FREE as soon as your party closes!