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Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

Handmade for the Holidays!

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Handmade for the Holidays - Holiday 2022 Collection

Handmade for the Holidays – (Read Time: 7 min.)

Hundreds of women’s hands carefully crafted our Holiday 2022 designs.

Hundreds of women’s hands carefully crafted our Holiday 2022 designs. Each design is a unique blend of a woman’s love for her family, her country, and her community’s history and culture. She has woven the story of her journey to lead her family out of poverty into every hand crocheted children’s gift from Vietnam. She has expressed her passion to keep her children out of orphanages through every hand rolled cereal box bead from Haiti. Her feminine creativity is evident in every hand cut capiz shell ornament from the Philippines. The Spirit of Christmas shines in every hand molded clay nativity from Peru and hand painted design from India.

Every purchase invites a woman to share her story of hope in your home this holiday season.


you can help a woman lead her family out of poverty by simply shopping fun holiday decor?


9 Brand New, Totally Unique, Artisanal Holiday Designs from Haiti, India, Peru, the Philippines, and Vietnam.



You can feel good about every purchase, knowing that each design makes a real impact on the life of a woman working to lead her family out of poverty.

Hand Painted & Hand Hammered Brass

Mandala Bell Set from India

Mandala Bell Set from India
Meenal, Mandala Bell Set Artisan in India
Hand Painted Mandala Bell from India

Meenal’s Story of Hope

Meenal is married with three daughters. She has worked as an Artisan in this workshop in her small village in northern India for the past two years. Her family is very supportive of her, as she continues to inspire more women in her area to begin working as Artisans and helping their families overcome poverty. During the holidays, Meenal often teaches weaving classes for women in her community.

Hand Rolled Upcycled Cereal Box Beads

Dove Ornament from Haiti

Mamoune, Dove Ornament Artisan in Haiti
Dove Ornament from Haiti - Made from Upcycled Steel Oil Drums
Jocelyne, Dove Ornament Artisan in Haiti

Their Mission of Hope

Artisans in Haiti overcome the continual challenges and threats of extreme poverty, political unrest, and gang violence to travel to this workshop where they create ethically made jewelry, accessories, and home decor, because the opportunity to earn dignified income and provide for their children is so vital to their families. 

Haiti is home to almost 500,000 orphans. The majority of Haiti’s orphans have not been orphaned by parental deaths, but instead have parents, grandparents, and relatives who love them, but surrendered them to orphanages, because they could not feed them. This Artisan community is helping with Haiti’s orphan crisis by providing parents with local business opportunities as Artisans. Through fashion as a force for good, parents in areas of extreme poverty in Haiti can earn sustainable income that empowers them to keep and provide for their children.   

Hand Hammered Upcycled Steel Oil Drums

Noel Nativity Art from Haiti

Noel Nativity Art from Haiti
Dove Ornament Artisans in Haiti
Upcycled Steel Oil Drum Noel Nativity Art from Haiti

Their Story of Hope

Mamoune, Edert, and Jocelyne have been continually challenged by threats of extreme poverty, political unrest, robberies, kidnappings, and gang violence in Haiti. Recent events in the area surrounding their workshop have escalated these threats and created the need for a safer location. Every purchase of their holiday ornaments and decor supports these Artisans and so many other families in their community, as they move all of their supplies, tools, furnishings, and inventory to a new workshop away from gang violence. Thank you for spreading hope for a brighter future for our Artisan partners in Haiti through Fashion as a Force for Good.

Handcrafted Wire Holiday Decor

Peace, Hope, and Noel Ornament Set from India

Clean Water Program
Peace, Hope, and Noel Ornament Set from India
Shaheen, Noel Bowl Artisan in India

Their Mission of Hope

The poverty cycle in India continues primarily because of the lack of education and essential resources that are often not available or affordable for children in India’s slums. Many of these children never learn to read or write and grow up with limited opportunities. Many families in India’s slums have limited or no access to health care or clean water. Your purchase helps provide Artisans in areas of extreme poverty and their children with access to education, health care, and clean water programs. Every purchase gives hope to families in India’s slums.    

Handcrafted Food-Safe Wire Home Decor

Noel Bowl from India

Mandala Bell Set from India
Shaheen, Noel Bowl Artisan in India
Noel Bowl from India is Food Safe

Shaheen’s Story of Hope

Shaheen lives and works alongside her father and other members of their family in their small family workshop in India. The men of Shaheen’s family are experienced welders who weld together the wire letters the women bend to spell “N-O-E-L”! Their family used to work in the open, under a canvas. Now, the income they’ve earned through this Artisan community has made it possible for Shaheen’s father to renovate their home and transform their workshop into an ideal fair-trade workshop with fair wages and Artisan benefits.    

As a college student with a very active social life, Shaheen works part-time in her family’s workshop, bending wire and carefully checking the spelling of the words of each bowl. She hopes to one day teach the children in her village! 

Hand Carved & Hand Painted Clay

Peruvian Match Box Nativity from Peru

Hand Carved Match Box Nativity
Adela, Peruvian Match Box Nativity Artisan in Peru
Peruvian Match Box Nativity

Adela’s Story of Hope

There are so many Peruvians who don’t have a job. I’m very thankful that I work in an area that I love. I was given the opportunity to work in ceramics and it was something I always loved to do since I was in school. Painting and developing craft pieces were my hobbies when I was a young girl. I love the small details, because every new piece is a challenge and I never give up.

Working with Trades of Hope has been joyful! I can solve my expenses and send money to my mom who lives in the highlands. My dad passed away when I was 10 years old. My mom is my motivation, and I work hard because I know she depends on me. I dream of having my own house. It’s a challenge. But I’ve been saving money in the bank, and I know that if I continue working hard, I’ll achieve it.

Hand Molded and Hand Painted Clay

Love Note Ornament from Peru

Hide a Special Message in Our Love Note Ornament from Peru
Ana, Love Note Ornament Artisan in Peru
Love Note Ornament from Peru

Ana’s Story of Hope

Before I became an Artisan, I worked in many different jobs. Last year was a critical year, because my family’s situation was really bad. I lost my job before the pandemic, and I had to work with my brother in his small restaurant. Unfortunately, his restaurant had to close too. I was offered the opportunity to work with this Artisan community and I accepted.   

Without my work, my life would be a mess for sure. All of the people who buy our products, even if they buy a small piece, are a huge help to us! I dream of giving my daughters the education I wasn’t given. My work is definitely helping me achieve my dream. I can save money to achieve it in the future. 

Hand Crocheted Fair Trade Fun for Kids

Pippa the Penguin from Vietnam

Pippa the Penguin from Vietnam
Tran Thi Ha, Pippa the Penguin Artisan in Vietnam 1
Pippa the Penguin from Vietnam is Fair Trade Fun for Kids

Tran Thi Ha’s Story of Hope  

When I was a small kid, I did not have a chance to go to school. My beloved mother taught me crocheting. I really admire her and want to become an Artisan like her. In my community, there are not many jobs for the housewives like us. Trades of Hope and my Artisan community helped me get a financially stable job to support my family.   

This work is my only income, helping me to make ends meet for my whole family. I do not have to worry much about my children’s school fees anymore. Furthermore, if my children love something, I can buy it for them instead of just looking regretfully. Now, I’m more confident in my life and have many more friends. Every day, to work is a joy!     

Hand Cut Natural Capiz Shells

Capiz Nativity Ornament from the Philippines

Natural Capiz Shell
Capiz Nativity Ornament from the Philippines
Meenal, Mandala Bell Set Artisan in India

Emelyn’s Story of Hope

I wasn’t able to finish my studies, and it’s very difficult to get hired for a good paying job in the Philippines due to the number of displaced workers. I used to wake up very early in the morning because it would take two hours to commute to work. Then, I’d get home very late. Now as an Artisan, I can do other things during the hours I used to commute.

I’m able to help our grandparents take care of their other grandchildren who are very young and help with household chores. It means a lot to me that I’m able to work at home because my partner’s grandfather, who owns this capiz workshop and taught me my Artisan skills, just passed away. I’m thankful that I was at home when he got sick, because I was able to assist his wife and look after him, whom I treat as my own grandparents. I dream of being financially stable and being able to support my family and live a comfortable life.

Is shopping handmade artisanal holiday gifts and decor while empowering women out of poverty something that interests YOU?

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