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Forbes Features Trades of Hope Founders, Gretchen and Elisabeth Huijskens

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Forbes features Trades of Hope founders, Gretchen and Elisabeth Huijskens in their recent article, Got Goals? Time To Get a Coach, as their #2 recommendation of 15 resources for female entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. – (Read Time: 2 min.)

Mother and Daughter Team

Gretchen and Elisabeth with Florence in Uganda.

“We are humbled & grateful to be noted on a list of founders compiled by Forbes. But what excites us the most about this article is that it introduces more people to the incredibly talented & beautiful women we partner with around the world.”

– Trades of Hope Founders, Gretchen and Elisabeth Huijskens

Making a Global Impact on Poverty

In the middle of a fun celebration, we remember that we exist to create jobs for women in need around the world — to break cycles of poverty & trafficking. Those awesome women are the ones who deserve every recognition & applause. It’s the honor of a lifetime to know them & work with them.

Female Entrepreneurs Can Change the World!

Trades of Hope founder, Elisabeth, with Artisans in India

If more women receive dignified work through press on our company — PERFECT. Women leading their families out of poverty. That’s what we’re chasing.

Women will change this world. Thank you to our talented Artisan Partners, amazing Home Team, compassionate Partners, fun Hostesses, and beloved customers. We couldn’t do what we do without any of you!

Over a Decade of Empowering Women

Gretchen with Syprine, Artisan in Kenya

Trades of Hope has been empowering women since 2010 by providing a global marketplace for women Artisans in areas of extreme poverty around the world.

We support women working to lead their families out of poverty through providing opportunities for women in the United States to buy their products and host shopping parties at home or online where others can buy their products.

We also offer opportunities for women entrepreneurs to promote and sell Artisans’ products and earn commissions and free products through Fashion as a Force for Good.

Get to Know TOH Founder, Gretchen

Watch Founder Gretchen’s latest video below to discover how you can be a part of Fashion as a Force for Good.

How You Can Make an Impact With Trades of Hope!

Get to Know TOH Founder, Elisabeth

Watch Founder Elisabeth’s latest video below to discover how you can be a part of Fashion as a Force for Good.

3 Ways You Can Use Fashion as a Force for Good!

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  1. Judith A. Miller

    Loved the featured baskets but would like to see them in larger sizes, 10” or 12″ wide. I think these would be perfect to use as bread, cracker and roll baskets for tables and would make delightful hostess, birthday or holiday gifts. I have a larger basket from the island of Tonga that I cherish, but it is too big for most uses. I sometimes fill it with Xmas balls, gourds, flowers, etc. as a table centerpiece.


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Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth Huijskens

Elisabeth is a founder of Trades of Hope and is passionate about empowering women to boldly reach their dreams, here at home and around the world. She loves meeting our artisan partners, traveling to new cultures, and binging Downton Abbey episodes with her matching redhead puppy.