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Explore Autumn 2021 Colors and Styles with This Keepsake Collection

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Explore Autumn 2021 colors and styles with this Keepsake Collection. Discover artisanal designs, stylish comfort, and traditional autumn colors with a modern twist. Our Keepsake Collection is inspired by the natural beauty of Autumn botanicals and the women in Haiti, India, Peru, and North Asia who create, share, and wear each piece. CLICK EACH PHOTO TO DISCOVER MORE about our Keepsake Collection’s ethically sourced materials, fair wage benefits, and easy styling tips. (Read Time: 2 min.)

We are rediscovering the beauty of sweet memories in our Keepsake Collection.

With this season the mementos of our beautiful Artisans are on full display surrounding us with new treasures and meaningful investments.

Each piece is more than a beaded earring or hand-crafted leather bag…

…they hold weightier significance because of the fortitude of the woman who creates these treasures.

Explore Keepsake Treasures

Handcrafted by Women Artisans in Haiti, India, North Asia, and Peru

The past year has provided us with a renewed understanding of what it is to be treasured and valued.

So, this season we aim to add thought-provoking pieces with a modern twist.

Explore Keepsake Collection Colors

In this collection, there is a strong influence of nature and all the magnificent colors that are on display in autumn.

Mossy green and various shades of foliage drive the trend but are also complemented with a strong presence of mauve and jasper.

Then secondary tones of navy and harvest yellow round out the color palette.

Keepsake is therefore a time to rediscover, reconnect and rethink how we cherish the value of design that is handcrafted and beloved.

Explore Keepsake Collection’s Impact on Poverty & Trafficking

Every purchase of our Keepsake Collection designs helps empower women out of poverty and human trafficking by providing job skills training, dignified jobs job with fair wages, and community outreach programs for vulnerable women in areas of extreme poverty. Women in Haiti, India, North Asia, and Peru receive access to health care, clean water, and trauma counseling. You become a powerful advocate for social change and provide opportunities for women to become the heroes of their own stories, as they provide their families with better futures every time you shop fashion as a force for good.

Shop Fashion as a Force for Good

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