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Ekra’s Story of Hope in India

by | Artisans, Stories of Hope

Ekra’s Story of Hope in India – (Read Time: 1 min.)

Forced to Drop Out of School

Growing up in India, Ekra dreamed of earning an education and graduating high school, but financial challenges forced her to drop out of school early. In India, the government provides “free” schooling through the age equivalent of American middle school.

But many of these “free” schools still require students to pay fees for uniforms and other supplies. When students are unable to pay these fees, they’re often not allowed to attend school until their debts are paid in full. For Ekra, financial challenges ended her education in her 8th grade year.

Discovering Her Passion for Business

Without an education, her job opportunities were severely limited. But as Ekra watched her older brothers follow in their father’s footsteps and become woodworkers, she became interested in their family’s business. Ekra started helping with wood finishing and product packaging. As their father continued working as an Artisan in another local workshop, Ekra and her brothers began to grow their family’s business.

Working as an Equal Artisan Partner

Now, Ekra continues to work alongside her four brothers as an equal Artisan partner with the support of their Artisan community who recently made improvements to their family’s workshop by adding safety equipment and better lighting. Ekra is grateful for her work and for the financial support of her Artisan community, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown in India. Together, Ekra and her family are creating beautiful handcrafted fair-trade products like our Vintage Trivet and Vintage Coasters. Every purchase supports their family’s business.

Check out these artisanal wooden decor essentials made by Ekra and her Artisan community in India!
Aspen Leaf Coaster from India - Ethically Made from Sustainable Acacia Wood
Pumpkin Trivet from India - Ethically Made from Sustainable Acacia Wood
Hawthorn Leaf Coaster from India - Ethically Made from Sustainable Acacia Wood
Vintage Coaster Set from India
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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communications Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan advocacy.