Discover How Artisans Make These Amazing Genuine Woven Leather Bags!

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We were so amazed by the craftsmanship of our new genuine woven Leather Traveler Bag, we asked these Artisans to show us how they did it!

Here’s How!

#1 – First we use natural un-dyed vegetable-tanned leather and cut the components of the bag.
#2 – Then the parts are assembled and the bag is created along with lining, zippers, and hardware.
#3 – We use brass hardware because it doesn’t rust. Traditional iron or zinc can’t withstand washing.
#4 – The bags are washed in tanning drums along with leather dyes. The washing takes 4-8 hours depending upon the color.
#5 – The washed bags are then tumbled in a dryer for 3-4 hours.
#6 – The dried bags are then checked to see if there are any repairs needed after the washing and drying process.
#7 – After the Quality Check and any needed repairs, the color of the bag is matched as much as possible with a spray.
Each bag has its own unique color.
#8 – After color matching as closely as possible to our control sample, waxes are then hand-rubbed on each bag with a foam sponge.
#9 – When the waxes have penetrated, it enhances the touch and feel of the bag, as it works as a conditioner. 
Now, all lacks is softness…
#10 – For softness, all of the bags are put into a dry milling drum for 3-6 hours, according to the size of the bag. 
Milling enhances the softness of each bag.
#11 – After milling, the bags are checked again for any needed repairs or defects.
 Edges that are exposed the most and come in contact with drums constantly become darkened.
These areas of darkness are characteristic of the artisanal technique of leather washing.
The result is this artisanal ultra-soft genuine leather bag with the vintage “well-loved” look.
Carefully handcrafted using traditional tools and time-honored methods of construction and washing, this bag and coordinating wristlet has a unique look and natural feel.
With natural vegetable-tanned leather, some color loss occurs over time that enhances the vintage look of the bag.
Watch this video to see our Artisan Partners in India making our genuine woven Leather Traveler Bag and coordinating Leather Traveler Wristlet.
Trades of Hope is partnering to help build schools in rural villages in India.

Every purchase of our Leather Traveler Bag & Leather Traveler Wristlet helps build schools in rural villages in India.


  1. Jamie Godtel

    This is amazing! Love seeing the process behind these beautiful items! ❤️

    • Nancy wright

      I’m so in love with this bag on the Wallet it is so beautiful I must buy


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