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Over $1 Million Given to Charities by Trades of Hope



In the heart of every action, every purchase, and every partnership at Trades of Hope, there lies a story of compassion, empowerment, and a steadfast commitment to making the world a better place. This month, we are filled with gratitude and joy as we celebrate a monumental milestone in our journey—giving over $1 million to charities we deeply believe in. This achievement is not just a number; it’s a testament to the power of collective action and the incredible impact of our Partners and Customers over the past 13 years.

A Mission of Care and Commitment

At Trades of Hope, our mission is twofold: to create jobs and support long-term development initiatives that address the root causes of human trafficking and poverty. We believe in the dignity of work and the empowerment that comes from sustainable employment. However, we also recognize that in times of crisis, charity is essential. Our contributions have reached various sectors, from fighting hunger through partnerships with World Central Kitchen and Feeding America to supporting girls’ education in countries around the globe.

In Haiti, where the need is great, we have supported multiple schools, contributing to the education and empowerment of girls. Education is a beacon of hope, a tool for change, and a critical element in breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Supporting Survivors and Creating Paths to Empowerment

Our commitment extends beyond immediate needs, focusing on long-term recovery and empowerment for survivors of human trafficking. In collaboration with Elevate Academy and our friend Rebecca Bender, we have supported education for survivors, providing them with a safe space to learn, connect, and thrive. Through online courses, Elevate Academy offers knowledge, skill-building, and a community of support, helping survivors reclaim their lives and futures.

Furthermore, our partnership with 88 Bikes has enabled us to give bicycles to girls and women in Cambodia, facilitating their access to education and employment. These bikes represent freedom, mobility, and an opportunity for independence.

Ethical Fashion and Fair Trade: A Force for Good

At the core of Trades of Hope is our dedication to Fair Trade and Ethical Fashion. Every product we sell is not just an item of beauty but a bridge to a better world. By adhering to fair trade principles, we ensure that artisans, particularly women, are paid fair wages, work in safe conditions, and have access to sustainable employment opportunities.

Our approach goes beyond traditional charity, focusing on empowerment and systemic change. We believe in women helping women, in the strength that comes from solidarity and shared purpose. Through our efforts, we aim to end human trafficking, support survivors, and champion girls’ education, one ethical purchase at a time.

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A Heartfelt Thank You

Giving Women in India Voice, Choice, & Dignity - Mosmeen Blog

This milestone of giving over $1 million to charities could not have been achieved without the unwavering support of our Partners, Customers, and the global community who share our vision. Your belief in our mission fuels our determination to press forward, to continue making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Together, we have sparked a movement of change, proving that fashion can be a force for good, that business can be about more than profit, and that together, we can build a world where hope, justice, and empowerment reign.

To all who have joined us on this remarkable journey, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your support empowers us to continue our work, expanding our reach and deepening our impact. The road ahead is filled with promise, and with your continued partnership, we will keep striving to create a world where every woman and child has the opportunity to thrive.

Join us as we continue to write this story of hope, transformation, and love. Together, we are Trades of Hope, and together, we are making a difference.


With Gratitude,

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