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Celebrate Women’s Equality in March With Our Limited Edition Sheeba Collection!

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When women support each other, incredible things happen!

At Trades of Hope, we celebrate women who support each other as they overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. Throughout March 2021, we’re cheering on women around the world by celebrating women’s equality with our newest limited-edition Partner Join Collection we named in honor of Sheeba, one of our Artisan business partners in India. Sheeba’s story of hope in India is a powerful reminder of how Trades of Hope Partners can change women’s lives by supporting workshops that support women in areas of extreme poverty.

Meet Sheeba, Artisan in India

“I live in a small village in India where many families live a simple life. There’s no infrastructure yet and the majority of people have an orthodox mindset. I live with my parents, nine sisters, and two younger brothers. We all live in a small house of two rooms and have all studied at religious schools called madrasas.

Women Empowering Women With Skills

I learned my Artisan skills from my fellow Artisans in this workshop. It was due to the good reputation of this workshop and the coordinator being a female that my family allowed me to work here. We have a better life now. We’re eating better quality food. Our lives have become more stable. I’m happy that I can earn money now and don’t have to ask my parents for small things. I’ve also been able to save up money for my wedding in the future.

Women Empowering Women Through Friendships

It’s difficult to imagine life without work now. My fellow Artisans have become like a family. Spending quality time with them and making jewelry gives me immense happiness! It taught me that women should become self-dependent and be a contributor in the family. Without regular work, this would not be possible.

Women Empowering Women to Overcome Challenges

I’m happy when we have work and we are busy producing. I like to be with people and the workshop makes that dream come true every day. Our small one room workshop is on the ground floor and now we have installed a solar panel on the roof which has taken away our electricity problem. I feel happy and active when I’m with my Artisan community!

Women Empowering Women Through Partnerships

My favorite memory as an Artisan is the first time we produced an order for Trades of Hope. We were very excited! When we receive re-orders, it’s very exciting and gives hope to us all! Our life has become better with an increase in income since we started getting work from Trades of Hope. It feels great when we’re able to contribute money for household expenses. We’re also able to save money for ourselves. We’re thankful to Trades of Hope for giving us work!

Women Empowering Women to Dream

Our work is certainly helping us fulfill our dreams. We have better communication with other women in the village due having a bigger group of Artisans now. There is more stability in our work than before, thanks to Trades of Hope for giving us work. To get regular work is the most important need for us to keep our workshop going. I want our work to continue. It gives us income to survive and take care of our families. I dream that it will always continue! Maybe, one day I could build my own small house of one or two rooms!”

– Sheeba, Artisan in India

Trades of Hope is partnering to champion women’s equality in 19 countries.

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  1. Gigi Mcbride

    What an inspiring story behind the Sheba Collection!! She’s beautiful in every way!!💗 thank you!! Gigi


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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communications Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan advocacy.