Botanica is Good for You, Good for Her, & Good for Our Earth

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Trades of Hope’s Botanica is good for you, good for women Artisans, and good for our earth. This collection is a beautiful blend of ethically made fashionable designs, missional impact on poverty, and sustainable, eco-friendly materials. You’re going to love the natural plant dyes from Guatemala and locally sourced clay from Haiti. Botanica is good for you, good for her, & good for our earth. (Read Time: 2 min.)

Good for You – Ethical Fashions You Can Feel Good About

First, this season’s theme encompasses the sustainability movement in fashion and features naturally dyed textiles, upcycled materials, and products utilizing natural elements.  So, enjoy peace of mind, knowing your favorite Botanica designs are ethically and sustainably made. Botanica is good for you!

Good for Her – Traditional Artisanal Craftsmanship & Missional Impact

Second, this provides an opportunity to address the social and ecological impact of the fashion industry. Our Artisan partners address these concerns through centuries-old natural practices. Every purchase helps a woman empower her family out of poverty. So, Botanica is good for her!

“Knowing the craft of weaving changed my life.

Instead of farming land, which is sometimes very hard physically, and due to bad weather, not great for making money.

I can focus on creating.

This allows me to be able to take care of my family, now that I’m the main income earner.

With the work that Trades of Hope has given us, it will help in making my dream come true.

My dream is to keep my grandchildren in school and maybe one day to have a small store of my own where I can sell my designs.”

-Filomena, Del Sol Kimono Artisan in Guatemala

“My dream was always to find a way to export our products so that people outside of our village could see our work and creations. It’s come true!”
-Filomena, Del Sol Kimono Artisan in Guatemala

Good for the Earth – Eco-Friendly, Nature-Inspired Colors

Pantone, Coloro, and WGSN have projected green to be rising color for Spring 2021.

Finally, colors this season feature variations of green and aqua as the focus with touches of blush pinks, golds, and warm browns, as supporting roles. Artisans create many of these colors using natural stone and eco-friendly, sustainable, plant dyes. That’s why Botanica is good for our earth, too!

CLICK HERE to discover more about the Del Sol Kimono’s traditional natural plant dyes!

CLICK HERE to discover more about this Terracotta Bracelet’s sustainable natural clay!

Enjoy ethically made, eco-friendly designs that empower women in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, India, and Thailand. You provide safe jobs with fair wages for women in areas of extreme poverty with every purchase. When it comes to fashion as a force for good, Botanica is good, naturally!

Watch Juana weave our Del Sol Kimono!


This pattern celebrates coffee and cacao beans! Coffee and cacao beans are highly celebrated as part of the Artisans’ ancient Mayan culture!

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Botanica is Good for You, Good for Her, & Good for Our Earth

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