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Bimala’s Story of Hope in Nepal

by | Artisans

Bimala, Weaving Artisan in Nepal

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Generations of Artisan Tradition

Family has played a huge role in Bimala’s life. For generations, her forefathers created handwoven designs on traditional handlooms.

Bimala’s ancestors have passed down their knowledge of yarns, spinning, and weaving for generations.

When Bimala married, she devoted her time to caring for her home and family.

But unlike many women in Nepal’s traditional villages where women are still challenged by gender discrimination, Bimala’s husband supported and encouraged her to use her unique knowledge of handlooms to pursue her talents as a professional weaver.

Bimala is an inspiration to her community in southern Nepal where she lives with her mother-in-law, her husband, and their two sons.

A Family Business

When Bimala discovered and joined a local community of weaving Artisans, her passion for creating and overcoming the challenges of new designs motivated her to use and expand her Artisan skills.

With the help of the community’s microfinance program, she started weaving professionally and became one of their finest producers!

Even more exciting, were the friendships she gained while chitchatting and sharing meals with her fellow Artisans. Her husband even learned how to weave so they could work together!

Continuing Her Family’s Legacy

Now Bimala continues to inspire other women in her community to learn the art of weaving, so they can earn income to help support their families. Bimala’s courage to pursue her dreams in a society that often views women as “less than men” has helped many other women realize their value and abilities. Bimala is continuing her family’s Artisan legacy by passing down her knowledge of handlooms to Nepal’s next generation.


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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communications Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan advocacy.