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Artisans in India Wish You a Happy New Year Filled With Hope!

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Artisans in India Wish You a Happy New Year Filled With Hope! – (Read Time: 2 min.)

Trades of Hope would like to thank everyone who supported our mission to empower women out of poverty & human trafficking in 2020 by sharing a recent email we received from our Artisan partners in India!

Thank You & Happy New Year!

You are making a real impact on the lives of real women and families around the world!

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that so many months are gone, taking away the precious lives of many people, bringing uncertainty, helplessness and misery to millions on this planet. Pandemic has affected everybody’s lives, particularly the poorest in our society. Thousands of them lost their jobs and shelter. It is going to be a difficult journey and it will take a long time to return back to normal life.

The pandemic has also made us realize how fragile is our life that we take for granted. Despite it being a crisis, this pandemic has also turned out to be a ruthless teacher who reminded everyone about the value of food, shelter, connection, care, sharing and solidarity, the fundamentals of our work.

We are blessed to be a part of Fair Trade, committed to its values and principles. We have been living through this experience in practice in all these months.

We are highly thankful to Trades of Hope for providing us the valuable work support.

It has helped all of us particularly the artisans and the other beneficiaries in our working communities, especially in these difficult times.

Together our resilience in these times has kept us going with courage, optimism and actions. It could be possible due to our strong belief in our values, actions and our commitment to work to empower the marginalized.

We started getting back to work partially as and when the lockdown got relaxed in stages. It has increased gradually over the time. Together, we survived with dignity in these challenging times. In spite of the problems many partners faced in their own countries, still they came forward to help in solidarity by providing the much needed work support.

On behalf of all the colleagues, artisans and other beneficiaries, we want to thank everyone from Trades of Hope for being there in solidarity. It has strengthened our commitment further and deepens our belief in humanity.

We realize that our work is extremely relevant in the present times more than ever. We have to continue our struggle to make a difference.

A great thanks to all of you for your continuous support in these times when we all are affected!

We wish you all A Very Happy New Year 2021. May the coming year bring lots of good luck , prosperity and strength to Trades of Hope. May you all be happy and healthy in the coming year.

Best wishes,

Moon, Artisan Leader in India

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