Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

Fair Trade Jewelry & Ethical Fashion

This was an amazing moment. ✨ This little girl’s mama asked if I would take a picture with her. Her mama is an artisan we work with in Uganda, and she was so proud of her baby! 💖
I’ve had mamas put their babies in my arms and ask me, with tears in their eyes to find a home for their child so he/she could survive. So, their baby could have food and shelter. Heartbreaking is a word that doesn’t cover that feeling.
So, on this day when a mama ask me to hold her baby, to take her picture, I had tears in my eyes again, but for all of the right reasons. 🤍🤍🤍
You have so much power to change lives by how you spend your dollars. It is so exciting to really KNOW we all have ways to create change! ✨
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Trades of Hope - Guest Blogger

Trades of Hope - Guest Blogger