Buy any bracelet & we’ll give a bracelet to a trafficking survivor beginning Elevate Academy!

When You Shop, You Are…


Statistically, when a woman is empowered out of poverty, she lifts 4 more people with her. When women have safe and dignified jobs, whole communities thrive.

Keeping Families Together

Most children in orphanages have living relatives but were given up out of desperation. Your purchase helps a mother provide for her children and dream for the future.


People are less vulnerable to human trafficking when they are earning a living wage, and many trafficking survivors find healing in their supportive work environments.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

When parents can send their daughters and sons to school, those children are able to flourish like never before. Their children won’t have to face the same hardships of poverty.

Babies in ICU Receive Medical Care
During our stay at the Intensive Care Unit with Natalia, we witnessed very difficult stories with other families and babies. Because of that experience, Sara and I decided to create a fund through Natalia Blend Coffee to help babies in Guatemala receive the care they need in ICU.

– Pablo & Sara, Coffee Artisan Leaders in Guatemala

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Infuse the World with Beauty and Hope

We’re fighting poverty and human trafficking with beautiful fair trade products made by women around the world.

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Make an Income While Making an Impact

We know how it feels to have a great life but still crave something more. By selling handcrafted products made by women rising out of poverty, Trades of Hope Partners can make a difference abroad while contributing to the needs within their homes.

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Founded by Women for Women

Trades of Hope helps women live the lives they were created to live.

For women abroad who are rising out of poverty, that means giving them the opportunity to provide food, education and health care for their families, inviting them into a community where they feel valued, and presenting a path to live up to their fullest potential.

For women in the US, it provides something similar: Community with like-minded friends, earning an income while making an impact, and an avenue to provide for her family with her family.